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We’re the first place you look for a modpacks from Technic, Feed the Beast, AT Launcher and VoidWrath. With over 80 + modpacks to choose from we’re the worlds largest Modpack host! If you can’t find it ask our dedicated support team. We Also do standard Minecraft Server Hosting for Vanilla, CraftBukkit, Spigot not forgetting those essentials weekly SnapShots.

Modpacks Typically Update Every Month!

This is where most server owners get stuck! Not here, Server Upgrades and Re-installs are tricky, this is why we offer a managed service, You have Unlimited Server Upgrades & Reinstalls, Just complete our upgrade/reinstall form. We are diligent when it comes to keeping up with updates you can follow our @modpacks twitter feed for updates.

What About Server Performance?

This is the kicker, modded servers use more resources and bandwidth than Spigot or Bukkit servers, the default forge server jar can’t handle the huge Modpacks like ATL YogsCast Complete and FTB Monster, they’ll crawl to a halt pretty quick! This is where we differ, we’ve implemented MCPC+ / Cauldron our secret Weapon on all modded servers, it’s the merging of Spigot & Forge to give you High Performance, Zero Lag, Bukkit Plugin & Mod Support all in one server jar.

Do You Think You Scrimp On Memory?

Not on your Nelly, when we say this server needs 2GB minimum we mean it! This is an error newbies make when ordering their first server, they choose too little ram, and wonder why it lags! Newer 1.6.4 modded server need 2GB plus to just get the server loaded. MCPC+ takes you so far with its amazing memory management though not a replacement for dedicated ram. Get it right the first time choose the right package! Rant over and done with ;)

Server Setup Is Instant So Are Trials!

As soon as you place an order your server is ready to play, you can choose from 4 Minecraft server hosting locations USA, Canada, UK and Europe for low lag. Why not give a trial server a spin on our free minecraft trial server! If not why not!

Top Modded Minecraft Server Hosting Options

Pick a Minecraft server hosting package : Pixelmon Hosting Tekkit 1.6.4 Server Hosting or FTB Feed the Beast Hosting.

Modpacks Galore… if you can’t find it, just ask.

Technic Minecraft Server Hosting

Attack of the B-Team | Hexxit | PixelSpark Pixelmon 3 | Ultra Modded-Survival | Tekkit 1.5.1 | Tekkit Classic | BusinessElite | Voltz | Tekkit Lite | Lapito’s Galacticraft | BigDig | Hack / Mine

Feed the Beast Minecraft Server Hosting

Agrarian Skies | Blood N’ Bones | HatPack | Monster | Horizons | Direwolf20 1.6.4 | FTB Lite 2 | MagicFarm2 | MagicWorld2 | TechWorld2 | Unleashed | Unhinged | Ultimate | Direwolf20 classic | Infamy | Mindcrack | Yogcraft | Universal Electricity (AMPZ) | Retro SMP | Tech World | FTB Beta Pack A | FTB Lite | RPG Immersion Pack

AT Launcher Minecraft Server Hosting

Bevo’s Tech Pack | DNS Techpack | JoeGaming ModPack | Magicality The Next Dimension | MoonQuest | OverLoad | OverLoad Lite | Resonant Rise Mainline | Resonant Rise Lite | Sizzlecraft | Sky Factory | Solitarycraft | The MadPack | The Crack Pack | Yogscast Complete

Voids Wrath Minecraft Server Hosting

(PixelMon) PokePack V0.8 | (Aether II) Aetheric Crusade V1.0 | VoidWrath 2.0 | Electrician’s Journey V1.0 | Fellowship Medieval V2.0 | CrazyCraft v1.0 | JurassicCraft V0.5

New Modpacks

There are new modpacks being released all the time, if you find one let us know.
We can install it for you, no matter how obscure. Just open a support ticket.

Whats so good about StickyPiston Minecraft Server Hosting?

US FTB & Tekkit Serversincludes : Canada
EU FTB & Tekkit Serversincludes : UK, Ireland, Europe & Eastern Europe
  • Managed Minecraft Server Hosting
  • Email Support & Live Chat
  • No Storage limits
  • FTP Access
Secure Ordering

What Do You Get With StickyPiston?

  • Managed Minecraft Hosting 1.8 UK USA CANADA EU, leaves you to Play & Play some more, especially when you don’t have time or just don’t care about messing with servers… we manage all that for you.
  • With the Multicraft Control Panel you have full command over your server. Restart, add players to whitelists, install plugins and even upload your own flavours of the Minecraft server.
  • Our Support team will give your community a boost by being there with advice & tips, we love to sort out your problems, you can count on our jargon free support.
  • Easy to signup, choose the slots and RAM, fill out your details, one PayPal payment and your server is ready to play in seconds.

As Standard You Get…

  • Managed Minecraft Server Hosting 1.5.2, 1.6.4 1.7.9 & 1.8!
  • MultiCraft Control Panel
  • CraftBukkit with FTP Access, Upload CraftBukkit Plugins
  • European, USA and Canadian Locations for low pings
  • MySQL database with phpMyAdmin access, just ask …
  • No Overselling, only 80% Server Memory Used
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space … No CPU throttling!!
  • Dedicated server memory (no Swap Disk)
  • Offsite Daily Automated Backups
  • Free Webhosting


  • 24/7 Email Support & Live Chat
  • World, plugin and MySQL Database Migration
  • Help installing plugins
  • Plenty of how tos & advice on configuring your server


  • No contracts or setup fees
  • Upgrades available as well as downgrades
  • Pay with PayPal, Debit & Credit Card
  1. Hey there Minecrafters, if you have a question, comment about our minecraft hosting or you are already with StickyPiston Hosting leave a comment below. We just love to hear what you have to say.

    If you have a Server Request or Order problems, Click Here for Support.

    Stay Crafty,


    • I’d go with Spigot for large or small servers as this is optimised for more players and better networking, which ultimately means less lag.

      Fro even more performance you can put a Bungee Cord instance in front of it.

  1. Hi, I’s planning to rent a server form you guys, but I was wondering if you can change to server’s name or IP to whatever you want.

    • Alright Ben, you will get a shared server address like, though if you buy a domain name we can point this to your server. Something like mc.supersmashserver.com is this what you are after? if it is when you order your server send support an email and we will get you a domain sorted out.

  2. Hey,
    I just wanted to leave some feedback about the hard workers at Sticky piston.
    I have been with them for some time and I am consistently pleased with the customer support. I have changed my mod pack several times to keep my server fresh for its users and they have been happy to sort it for me.
    I have never had trouble with the support system, it is really easy to use and quick to fix.

    Furthermore, account management is amazing with the combined use of multicraft i can edit my server any time without restrictions.

    You guys and gals have an amazing setup here and would fully recommend your service and will continue to use myself!

    • Hi Ryan,

      2GB hosting would be perfect for a Hexxit server, you could get away with 1.5GB, if you were to have issues you can upgrade it later on to have more memory.

  3. Yes i was just curious what part of the US your servers are located in. I am currently using a server that is in Phoenix, but would like to get something closer to the Mid west or even east coast.

  4. Is your Pixelmon mod the one in Voids Wrath or not because I’m thinking of hosting a server with the Pixelmon mod installed.

  5. hey guys first time i am here. this site was highly reccommended by some really good friends but my question is if i decide to host thru this site would i still have access to the admin panel or would you have access? and can i set up a donation store on a site for it?

    • The simple answer to your question is “Yes” via Multicraft.

      You have full control of your server as if you were hosting it yourself, but without all the hassle, everything is there for you and making changes is as simple as a couple of clicks.

    • Hi Carlton, You would have access to your server through multicraft, yes you can set up donation systems!
      I hope to see you as a customer soon!

  6. Just wanted to leave another praise. These guys and gals are simply amazing in terms of helping you out. I was worried at first how hosting would be but I could not have been luckier in my choice. Since day one they have been nothing but very polite, helpful and quick to come to my aide when needed. I have been with them for several months now and can see myself using their services for a long time to come. And that is in majorly part to how amazing the staff here is. Keep up the great work :)

    • Hey Zullu, great to hear you’ve had such a great time with us …I’ll make sure the team see your comment, as it will put a smile on their faces.

  7. Hi I would wonder how could I get a DNS like mc.shallwecraft.com cause I love that server and I was wondering how I could get a DNS.Thx

    • Hi Cyrus,
      We can set up DNS for you like mc.shallwecraft.com, we use SRV records to point a domain name to your server. You will need to purchase a domain name. If you open a support ticket we will explain how you would go about setting this up.

  8. I have been with sticky piston for almost a year,
    the staff are very helpful and the servers are lag free,
    would recommend them

  9. I’ve been with Sticky Piston for half a year now and the service is outstanding.

    The pages for making payments and managing the server are simple to understand and have plenty of features. Customer support is amazing, they can solve anything usually less than 1 hour after a ticket is submitted.

    I would recommend SP to anyone who wants to setup a small minecraft server for family/friends.

  10. I have to say I have been with sticky piston for near 2 months now, I have enjoyed the service and the ability to access your files at anytime through the website is awesome. I have tried hosting with about 4 different services but they made it so hard to run game sometimes I just wanted to stop all together.

    I say thank you SP for making this easier and the help you have given me is amazing. Always friendly and they even talk to you in game to make sure everything is working great.

    100% advising that everyone signs up here for their hosting.

  11. Ok, Well I have sent a TON and I mean a ton of server support ticket and they always find what is wrong and help me since I’m new at this and all. But in the time that I have had my server they have never got mad about me asking all these questions and everything. So I just wanted everyone to know how great these people are.

    They will do whatever they can just to help you out so if you need a server just ask these guys and you will LOVE the service and support!!!!

    So please join the StickyPiston servers!

  12. So impressed with this host! From the second I logged onto my server for the first time, help was there. The staff are great and have helped me make a fun server for me and my friends to play on. As a first time owner the teams guidance and knowledge has helped me greatly and I now have an idea of what to do and how to do it, however I know that if I needed help it would be there with a fairly quick response which they would guide me through or get on and sort out what I’m struggling with which saves time, stress and the worry that you haven’t done It properly! I would certainly reccommend this host to anyone from their great prices to their amazing knowledge and customer services to their friendly and approachable attitudes!. I couldn’t thank them enough!

  13. My 12 year old son has been playing Minecraft with his friends for about 2 years now on Sticky Piston Hosting.They have had fantastic fun building all sorts of scenarios and got great use from a 24 Slot Server. Keeps them quiet for hours! Great help & support from the Sticky Piston tech guys and no online bother for the kids, admin hassle or nasty financial surprises for the parents. Keep up the good work Sticky Piston!

  14. Hello, i know stickypiston already offer plugin help.. if anyone needs help on any plugins please reply below and ill help you..Wanted to let u know ur amazing, thx for making my experience as a server owner so much better.

    • Nice one Asky, I like it when help is offered to other server owners. I have been thinking so much about this for a while… There are so many Server owners who have been with us since the beginning and know so much about hosting a successful server. It would be so paying it forward if you could help new servers get a head start… Because of this I am opening up a forum to help you and everyone else connect, so you can help each other.

      Your help will be really appreciated.

      Stay Crafty,

      David – aka eonic

  15. Best server host yet.David is real nice and if you need any help then he is there.Server hosting is great no lag at all… these servers are a must buy,
    Got my own website set up now and my server is becoming popular. Thanks alot guys!

  16. I’m going to host a server soon, but I have one question with billing. Will I be able cancel the bill at any time?

  17. Hey, I have some questions for you. First of all, if I buy a server will I be able to upload a .jar plugin file that I downloaded? Also, will you be willing to help me with the perms on my server? I’ll even op you, I’ll do anything I need to do so you can help with the perms. Thanks.

  18. Hello, i love my server but i need more slots, if u could help me figure out how to upgrade my server that would be great, thanks.

    • Hi Austin, as soon as you place an order your server will be set up. You will get an email straight away with all the information such as IP address and login details for the control panel.

  19. Hi guys

    I am looking to purchasing an FTB server, just wondering if you guys can also offer team speak as well? It would be great to have this in-game instead of using Skype :)

  20. what’s the difference in MB? if it has a low MB rating, and my friends built TOO much, will it crash or not save if it exceeds that many mb?

    • MB is how mow RAM the server has, the more RAM you server has the more friends can play, and the more plugins you can install. If players or plugins is more than the RAM can hold, you can get an out of memory error, potentially crashing a server. We have tools you can use to monitor this.

      Like Essentials plugins where you can use the command /gc to show how much memory is left on the server.

  21. Whats the minimum price it would cost monthly to have a Vanilla server, with plugins installed, and with 24 slots?

    • The minimum price is £12.95, $20.97 or €15.99 for a 24 slot Vanilla server, it depends on which currency you use to rent your server with.
      If you are wanting to use plugins you’ll need to use BukkitCraft, vanilla does not run plugins.

  22. When l first tried to get my server accidentally used an old PayPal account, it sent in multiple orders, none paid for. Then when l used the correct PayPal I bought the server (vanilla 6 slots) it got kinda weird with a bunch of orders. What do l do to get my server info and ip address? Please Reply,
    Thank You

    • Once you have completed the payment part of the order we send you a payment confirmation and then an email with your IP and Multicraft Control Panel login.
      We cancel orders which are placed by mistake, so you won’t have to pay for anything but the one you ordered.

      With your order the server did not get setup properly, if a server does not get setup immediately send an email to our minecraft support team, we’re great, but sometimes things go wrong!

    • We don’t run cracked servers, we have customers who run their servers in offline mode which allows people with non-premium (cracked) minecraft clients to join the server. The thing is other players can pretend to be your username and assume your server permissions and even op status, and take over your server. If you ever do run a server in offline mode install xauth, which protects a server and its players while running in offline-mode.

      How many slots do you need? we can come up with slots which go beyond 96 slots, we can even organise VPS’s for your servers.

  23. I don’t understand the payment part like when do you have to pay or is it like you pay once and it is yours?

  24. Is it possible to get a vanilla server?
    Also can I select how much RAM the server is provided with or does the payment revolve around the number of slots?

    • You can choose any of our server options and change it to vanilla in our control panel, just choose the slots then RAM.

  25. i have already brought a server but the nether is broken. when you go in one of the nether portals you come out of a new random one. is there anyway to fix this? thanks

  26. Pls i need to know if your server installs plugins or addons automatically.the server i used was downloading instead of installing automatically

      • Yes i know :) but i wonder when the craftbukkit will come out :)?
        If you could help me install a development build i would be verry thank full!
        Thanks in advance, Realy good host you got, i recomend everybody to buy it!

  27. hello im puting this here to say how well stickypiston are with 1 the server running 2 how well its set out and 3 how well there support is.

    as i left stickypiston and wow the one i join was bad there server layout was just bad and there support was rubbish.

    THAT why i move back here and will not leave here :)

  28. David,

    You own the best minecraft server hosting website ever thanks for all your help you did to my server :)

    Guys you gotta try stickypiston it’s awesome!!!!

  29. I might just buy this game by the end of the year it is on my Xbox360 so this is the best verstion ever to me even know my Xbox360 just got an update like the pc!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Im thinking of switching to you guys as I already pay for a server but heres 1 question, do you still run on 1.3 or are you on 1.4.2 but havent updated your website?

  31. Been using sticky piston on and off since I found them. They are the best minecraft server hosting company I’ve found, offering the right price and the right service. Whenever I feel like playing minecraft, I always come back to sticky piston.

    • You can upgrade your server through the client area to more RAM then and ask us to keep the slots at the same number. This is useful if you have a lots of plugins which eat up your RAM and you’d like to keep the player count the same.

  32. i already rent a server but how do i update the server to the 1.6 version of Minecraft or does it automatically update its self?

    • The 6 slot server is only vanilla, that’s because there is not enough ram on a 6 – 8 slot to run all the bukkit plugins.
      We’d rather you had fun than a cranky server!

  33. hey i wonder if i gonna buy a server but i dont want to pay every month can i do something to only pay once

    • Hi illehas, that’s cool with me, if you just want to try out our servers we have a 14 day money back guarantee. You could also cancel the PayPal subscription before the end of the month and your server will not renew.

      We don’t tie you into any contracts, you are free to go when you like.

  34. Is it possible to run a tekkit sever on this? If so, what package would you recommend?

    • It sure is possible, we’ve come up with a quick install for it. If you bought a 1Gb server or above we would install it for you with plugins too.

      Stay Crafty,


  35. Absolutely loving my server, I’m happy, the kids are happy, excellent and easy with 1st class support.

    Cant wait to hear about the Web hosting and domain names once its ready.


  36. Can you install plugins like planes or guns yourself or can you just only install the plugins on show

    • Hi Ethbud, you can install any plugins your like. We have the core list to make it easier for you. You can upload new plugins using FTP or the Multicraft web interface.

  37. Do you host pre-made Bukkit servers?

    Pre-made as in I already have the world data created, as well as a bunch of plugins.
    Will I be able to use the plugins that I have already, also, or will that raise the cost?

    P.S. I do not currently have a static IP address, but will hopefully be getting one soon.

    • Midnight_Sword, We sure do, when you order a Bukkit server from us the your world data will be created and then you can choose from our one click install plugins list

      You can even upload you own plugins or world using FTP at no extra cost, every server has the ability to do this, it’s really easy.

      We do offer static IP addresses get in touch with support and they will set it up when you place an order, we offer these at £2 a month.

  38. Whats the process of getting more mods added to my server than what is currently on the available plugins list?

    • Techsnologic, we have a default list of plugins we provide with every craftbukkit server, the process is really easy. Go to the plugin list in Multicraft and click install. When you restart or reload your server they will be ready to use. You will need to configure them as well by editing the config file for each plugins.

      Core CraftBukkit Plugins we use at StickyPiston

      Stay Crafty

      P.S. We also have factions which is not in the list.
      P.P.S you can upload your own Bukkit plugins! using FTP or Multicraft

  39. Are these servers able to have more than one admin? My friends and I will be sharing the cost of the server and we would like to have the people paying as server admins. Is this possible?

    • This is is a great question Techsnologic, Multicraft can have multiple users per server account. This means you could give access to your co-owner and he/she can do everything you can.

      When you sign up just get in touch with our server support team and they will create a new account for you.

      Stay Crafty…

    • We do offer dedicated IP’s so you can host your Minecraft server with a domain name. This is really useful for spreading your minecraft community around the web… who can really remember the ip address and the port number.

      so superdupercraft.com would allow you to connect to your minecraft server without the port number, because you get the default port 25565

  40. Hey is it possable to buy other packages, and increase the amount of players on your server, example i have 12 atm so if i bought the 6 package would i get 18 players ?

    • As soon as you make your first payment your server is started up and your seed is created, you can join your server in seconds… There is no waiting.

  41. hey i wanna rent a server, yours look good, but im confused. once i purchase it what do i get, and if i got a 12 player one do you have faction plugings ?

    • Jayman86 you get more than you bargained for, especially that we are putting Factions in our core plugin list. This means Factions is one-click install.

      - You get the Multicraft Control Panel (you dont have to install it)
      – Upload your own world or an adventure maps
      – Help in getting your plugins installed
      – Advice on your server from a crafty team

  42. Hey there Minecrafters, if you have a question, comment about our minecraft hosting or you are already with Sticky Piston leave a comment below. We just love to hear what you have to say.

    Stay Crafty,


    • I just wanted to say how cool, professional and helpful all the staff from StickyPiston are, I had loads of support when I started with a trial server, this support continued when I upgraded to a full server after my trial, it was that well managed I didn’t even notice the changeover.

      Now with two servers support continues to solid and reliable as is the server, the plugins available by default are excellent with a nice mix of fun ones as well as practical ones for server admins to use.

      Good Luck with the re-launch guys