Technic Pack Attack of the B-Team Server Hosting 1.6.4

Attack of the B-Team Server Hosting

by Technicpack

Released January 2014

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Monthly Cost£8.97£11.98£15.84£23.55£31.12£38.55£45.84£52.99£59.99
* Recommended Max Players122424364860728496

Attack of The B-Team Server Modpack was designed with one thing in mind, crazy mad science!

With the help of the B-Team we hand picked the wackiest mods we could find and shoved them all in a modpack for you guys. The result is Attack of the B-Team Server!

This is the hit mod pack of this year, and is the entrance mod that got so may minecrafters into modded servers, the mods in this B-Team pack are not too serious, they have a fun edge to them which make you go wow! You will get to grips with these mods quickly.

The mods terrain generation is amazing using the Biome’s O’ Plenty mod to make exploring around this mod so refreshing. This modpack comes with the latest MCPC+, which improves the servers performance and allows plugins to be installed.

Attack of the B-Team comes with Essentials plugin installed already! So you can /sethome, /tp, /give, /heal and also set the spawn. There are so many more commands you can find here

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Come and Join us on our Public
Attack of the B-Team Server

  • EU Attack of The B-Team 20 Slots 3.5GB
    Server Address :
  • US Attack of The B-Team 20 Slots 3.5GB
    Server Address :

Modpack Requirements

  • Minimum Memory Requirement 2GB because Attack of the B-Team Modpack contains 41+ mods. Ordering less will impact performance.
  • * Recommended Max Players is the maximum set in the control panel. Unfortunately we can't guarantee the Attack of the B-Team Server will reach the max player due to the different RAM requirements. For best performance follow our Recommended Minimum Memory settings, ignoring this will cause server lag!

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