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Get up and crafting in minutes.

Choose from Vanilla 1.8, Spigot, or try a modded minecraft servers

Our easy to use Multicraft Control Panel takes care restarts, upgrades and reinstalls

BungeeCord Networks

Create a ready to go Spigot/Bungee Cord Network within minutes.

Mysql, Personal Control Panel and PluginsPacks.

Plugins & Management

Support included not an extra. We install plugins, repair servers, give advice. We offer managed Minecraft hosting

Choose from our ready to go Bukkit Plugin Packs such as : Core Pack, Factions Pack, PlotMe Creative Pack and Survival Pack.


Why Us!

Dedicated RAM1GB1.5GB2GB3GB4GB5GB6GB
Monthly Cost£8.97£11.98£15.84£23.55£31.12£38.55£45.84
* Recommended Max Players12242436486072
Instant Setup
Servers - USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France Free Server Trial

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Great Minecraft Prices, How Much RAM Do I Need?

A common error newbies make when ordering their first server, is they choose too little ram, and wonder why it lags! We can help you choose the right package and get it right first time.

What you get with us

  • Managed Minecraft Server Hosting
  • 5 Server Locations
  • 100+ Server Types
  • Unlimited Upgrades and Re-installs
  • Email Support and Live Chat
  • No Storage limits
  • Daily Backup
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Multicraft cPanel with FTP Access
  • SSD Hardrives
  • Fast Dedicated servers 24+ CPU Cores
  • Plugin Packs
  • Need I say no lag, every one else does!
Basically, everything needed to play Minecraft with your friends

*friends not included

Minecraft Servers

We’re the first place you look for Modpacks

Technic | Feed the Beast | AT Launcher | VoidWrath

With over 100 plus modpacks to choose from we’re the worlds largest Modpack host! If you can’t find it, ask our dedicated support team.

We also do standard Minecraft Server Hosting for: Minecraft 1.8 Vanilla, CraftBukkit, Spigot, and SnapShots.

What about server performance?

We’ve implemented MCPC+ / Cauldron our secret weapon on most modded servers (except Forge 1291+). It’s the merging of Spigot and Forge to give you high performance, zero lag, Bukkit plugin and mod support all in one server jar.

In comparison, the default forge Minecraft server jar just can’t handle the huge Modpacks like ATL YogsCast Complete and FTB Monster.



New Modpacks

There are new modpacks being released all the time, if you find one let us know.
We can install it for you, no matter how obscure.  Just open a support ticket.