Minecraft Server Instanes
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THREE Servers For The Price of ONE!

1-Click MultiServers Have Arrived

Three easy-to-install Minecraft Server Instances

Choose and install from a huge library of
Modpacks and Minecraft Servers

Switch between Modpacks, Minecraft 1.10 –
even a custom Modpack you're creating!

FTB Launcher how to install
ATLauncher how to install
Technic Launcher how to install
Curse Launcher how to install
VoidsWrath how to install

Minecraft Modpack
Server Hosting

Start here, install the launcher then choose Modpack

New to Minecraft Modpacks?

FTB SkyFactory 2.5 Hosting
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Choose Minecraft server type

  • Minecraft Modpacks server hosting
  • Vanilla and Spigot plugin servers

You play Minecraft & Modpacks, we'll take care of the technical side
Modpack upgrades/reinstalls, custom modpack installations, & world fixes

With over 150+ Minecraft modpacks servers setup in 60 seconds. If you can't find it, ask our support team and we'll find and install it.
We also have standard Minecraft Server Hosting for: Minecraft Vanilla 1.11, 1.10.2 1.9.4, 1.8.9, CraftBukkit, SnapShots, Spigot 1.9.4, 1.10.2 and 1.11

Super Fast Modpack Updates

Daily modpack updates to our extensive server library, to keep up with the latest forge mod developments. StickyPiston Modpacks version database is always kept up to date with our modpack monitoring tools. Follow our twitter for server update information @StickyPistonEU twitter feed We're able to offer Minecraft Modpack Server Upgrades and Re-installs promptly on request. Through a simple and easy to use upgrade/reinstall form we'll quick update and test your modpack.

What about Server Performance?

This is where we differ. We've implemented MCPC+ / KCauldron our secret weapon on most modded servers.  It's the merging of Bukkit and Forge to give you high performance, zero lag, Bukkit plugin and mod support all in one server jar. In comparison, the default forge Minecraft server jar just can't handle the huge Modpacks like ATL YogsCast Complete and FTB Monster.  They crawl to a halt pretty quickly!

Best Modpack Memory Option

A common mistake with Modpacks isn't ordering enough GigaBytes of Memory. Too little RAM will impact on server performance, causing crashes or block lag! Follow our recommended minimum memory at the top of each modpack page. As your community grows upgrading memory is super quick to meet your players demands. Don't worry we'll let you know if you've not got enough!

Managed Modpack Support

Modpack Support is included, not an extra. StickyPiston gives professional advice, detailed support tickets explaining how we fixed the problem for you, no passing the buck back to you! This is what real managed Minecraft modpack hosting is about. If you're on your server when you submit a ticket sometimes we say hi :) through Multicraft2 server chat while we look after it.

Custom Modpack Servers

There are new modpacks being released all the time on Technic, ATL, Curse and Feed the Beast. If you find one you want to play/host let us know. We can install any modpack for you, even if there's no server download. Just open a support ticket for help.

Instant Setup & Many Locations

No waiting, Immediately after placing your order the Minecraft Modpack Server is ready to join. You have a choice from four Minecraft server hosting locations: USA, Canada, UK, Europe This ensures low lag and uninterrupted game play.