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Multicraft Control Panel Articles

 1. Quick Start Guide

A set of tasks to help you get started with your new Minecraft Server. To Start/Stop/Restart...

 2. Administering my Server

Questions How do I manage my Minecraft Server? How do I connect to Multicraft? How do I view...

 Create a MySQL database for Bukkit Plugins

Some plugins require the use of a MySQL database. Because of this we have a dedicated database...

 How to Send a Crash Report to StickyPiston

Sometimes crashes keep happening and you just don't have the time or experience to...

 How to backup your Minecraft World Folder

This guide will cover how to create a backup of your server’s world files and how to download...

 Multicraft login problems

If you have problems logging into your Multicraft Control Panel, there are a few common causes...

 Reset Your Multicraft Password

If you are having problems logging into your Multicraft panel and need to change your Multicraft...