Updating a Tekkit Server on Multicraft

Updating Tekkit (Quick guide)

  1. Stop Server
  2. Delete Tekkit Server files (remove everything except for the folder containing your world data)
  3. Upload Tekkit package downloaded from Technic Pack site
  4. Extract Tekkit package using the Backup Restore tool
  5. Start Server

Updating Tekkit (In-depth guide)

Stop Server

  1. Click the Stop button on your Server Control Panel

Delete Tekkit Server files

  1. Use an FTP client to connect to your server folder (How To: FTP)
  2. Download any files that you wish to keep (or create a new folder and move them into it)
  3. Delete the following files and folders


  • Tekkit.jar
  • mod_EE.props
  • launch.sh
  • launch.bat
  • /redpower
  • /mods
  • /config
  • /buildcraft



Upload the Tekkit package downloaded from Technic Pack site

  1. Download the recommended build from the Technic site
  2. Use your FTP client to upload the package file to your server folder (How To: FTP)


Extract Tekkit package using the Backup Restore tool

  1. On your Server Control Panel, in the left hand menu, click 'Files' then 'Backup'
  2. On the Backup screen, in the left hand menu, click 'Restore'
  3. You will see the Tekkit Pack listed, click on the 'Restore' link next to it

Start Server

Click the Start button on your Server Control Panel

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