How to add a Co-owner to Multicraft

You can give your friends access to your multicraft control panel if they are the co-owner or admin on your server. To do this follow these instructions.

First of all ask them to create an account in Multicraft here.

EU Control Panel

US Control Panel

Once they have done this you can set it so they can get FTP access to the server. And also have administrator rights just like you.

What you need to do

  1. Log into the Multicraft Control Panel
  2. On your server page, select Advanced>Users on the left-hand menu
  3. In the box at the top of the 'Username' column, enter the username that you want to assign a role or FTP access to, then press Enter
  4. Select the FTP access level and server role from the drop-downs next to the user name

Multicraft Roles

  • No Access
  • Guest (Allows them to see the server in their list all they can do is see who's online)
  • User (Allow them to use the Chat interface)
  • Moderator (Allows them to read the server log, Chat and Look at the File manager if they have FTP access)
  • Super Moderator (Allowed to use the console, chat, stop, start and restart the server)
  • Administrator (Allows them to to everything you can do)
  • Co-Owner (Allows a friend to Co-own the server with you)

FTP access

  • No Access
  • Read Access (look in ftp and downloadfiles, but make no changes)
  • Full Access (Allows them to make changes, upload and download files)

Removing Users

If you need to remove a user from your control panel, use the same method as assigning roles and FTP access.

If you have any problems assigning Roles or setting FTP access rights, then send us a support ticket.

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