How to backup your Minecraft World Folder

A step by step guide to create a backup file in Multicraft and download it to your computer.
Requires Admin level access to Multicraft.

Why would I want to know this?

A copy of your world is useful for:
  • An extra copy to act as a rollback point
  • If you migrate to another server
  • You want to share your world data with others
  • You want to work on the world using tools not available on the server
  • You want to test plugins that alter your world dramatically on a test server first

What am I about to do?

In ensure that you don't create a backup with corruption, the server will need to be stopped. Then the backup function in Multicraft can be used.

A world backup created in Multicraft is a .zip file containing all the data files in the /world folder. This is primarily the data for the main overworld and includes:

  • Player data: Player location, XP level, Inventory
  • world
  • world_nether
  • world_the_end

It however does not include data for the Nether or The End. It also does not contain the following:

  • Plugin files
  • Plugin Configuration files (unless saved to /world or one of its subfolders)
  • Server configuration files: e.g. ops.txt,, bukkit.yml
When creating a backup, a file named is created on the root folder of your server. If a already exists then it will be renamed to If exists then that will be renamed to If a exists, it will be deleted.
Lastly, the server is restarted.

Steps to Take

Stopping the Minecraft Server

  1. Log into Multicraft: Click 'Minecraft Login' and enter your Multicraft username and password
  2. Go to your server: Click on your server in the list
  3. Stop the server: Click on the 'Stop' button at the top, wait until the icon to the left of the button changes to a white cross on a grey circle
    Stop Server


Making a Backup

While still logged in to Multicraft, in the server view:

  1. Go to the backup section: Click on 'Backup' in the navigation bar down the left

    Backup Link

  2. Make the backup: Click on the 'Start' button
    Start World Backup


Restarting the Minecraft Server

  1. Return to the main server view: Either click 'Back'  in the navigation bar down the left or click on your server name at the top
  2. Start the server: Click on 'Start' at the top, the icon to the left of the button will turn to a green circle when the server has started
    Start Server

How the Download your world

  1. To download your server you will want to use FTP, using the Filezilla FTP App, due the the size of the backup files the webbased FTP will not download the files.
  2. Read the FTP article on using FileZilla


Further Reading/External Links

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