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A huge modpack with a lot of possibilities

ATL Survival Industry is a sandbox challenge tech pack, based around RotaryCraft technology. Its main goals are to create a far more challenging Minecraft experience without resorting to railroading the player to a specific storyline. There is no backstory; like Minecraft itself, Survival Industry is open-ended, and you can make your own story.

The pack’s design is centered around a few things:
1: RotaryCraft is the central source of high-end technology.
2: Survival is not a walk in the park; there are seasons, food is less filling, variety in food is required, mobs are smarter, animals fight back, and sleep is no shortcut around the need for shelter.
3: Mining is expanded to 6 levels, as opposed to vanilla’s 4. Alloying is important to progression.
4: Ores are spawned rarely, but in HUGE quantities. Finding ores will be a challenge, but once you do, you’re good for a very long time.
5: You can make your own End portal stones, which is important to finishing the game. All previous end portals stones have long since eroded to cobblestone.

So, grab your sleeping bag and get to work. You’ve got a long road to travel. But once you’re on your way, you have what it takes to make your very own Survival Industry.

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