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ATLauncher Server Hosting works perfectly with the ultimate Modpack loader and publisher tool, the launchers interface allows you to install and update Minecraft ModPacks Servers with ease. The additional option exists to have multiple instances of a ATLauncher ModPack, Backups. You even have the option of installing Forge yourself to produce your own private pack

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The ATL server launcher is now the go to Modpack launcher for playing your favourite modpacks and is now being used by Crundee, MindCrack and Yogscast as the platform for creating their own public Modpacks. Watch the video for info on installing the launcher and playing mods. Get hosting your own ATLauncher servers now!

ATLauncher has 333 modpacks and 93 Public Packs

We’ve all the ATLauncher modpacks in our database available to instantly install in around a minute. Since ATL packs update often we make sure we’ve the latest version ready to install or upgrade your server on request. Our managed support will help make sure your server is running at the highest performance, and when things sometimes do go wrong we’ll be there to fix your server.

Some Atlauncher modpacks you’ll want to play are Revenge of the C-Team, SkyFactory 2, Crundee Craft, Resonant Rise 3, and MadPack 3

Have a look below at all the ATLauncher Server Hosting options you’ve to choose from, if you cant find what you are looking for open a support ticket.

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Instant setup, No Extra Costs or Waiting… Unlimited upgrades & Reinstalls …Not forgetting Support Included

  • Minecraft Modpacks server hosting
  • Vanilla and Spigot plugin servers

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Memory Requirements & Player Slots

  • Memory Guideline
    To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 2GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering or more. You won't know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on. Don't worry you can quickly upgrade your memory as your server grows.
    Follow this guide if you need to upgrade.

  • Recommended Max Players is our best guess on how many slots gives good performance per GigaByte of memory. It relates to how many players can join before running out of Memory. Newer servers with lots of mods/plugins will have less players per GB, you won't know exactly how many players until your server gets busy. If you want to change the slots, contact support. It's a guideline not set in bedrock!
  • 64-bit OS such as Window 7 & 8, Mac OSX and Linux 64-bit Java is required. (Java 7 or above)

Why Choose StickyPiston Hosting?

  • Free Upgrades & Re-installs
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Dual E5-2620 & E5-2650
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Plugin Packs
  • Multicraft FTP/MySQL
  • Super fast SSD Drives