Cops and Robbers 3: Escape from Alcatraz

Day 22’s Minigame is here and this was one of last years hits when it came to games, I’m not sure you could have missed all the youtube videos based around Cops and Robbers. A huge thank you to Jordan of Podcrash for allowing us to share this game with you.

There is 1 cop, he tells the robbers what to do, anything from making them go to the mess hall to eat, to going to the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or be punished. However, while doing so, the robbers must also find the way to escape without the cop getting too suspicious.

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Made by Podcrash
Source : Podcrash Website
MC Version : 1.15.2
Max Players : 10

Made by Mithrintia and Podcrash! A remake of the Minigame from Halo 3!

Use Skype/Discord/TeamSpeak or any other voice communication program to play.


What is an honor rule? An honor rule is a rule that is not hard wired into the game via, they can be easily broken, but by doing so, ruins the fun for everyone. The honor rules below are what should be followed for maximum funness.

  • DO NOT break any blocks, levers, buttons, glowstone, buttons or levers.
  • As the cop, let the prisoners out, command them to do things such as go to the showers, play red light green light etc.
  • As a robber, obey the cop, do as he says, most of the time…
  • Do not break blocks.

What’s New

  • Now recognizes when all prisoners have escaped, announcing when the game is over. Get to the ship to escape!
  • Completely revamped map, built by Mithrintia!
  • Setting: Alcatraz, A dark and gloomy island for the worst of the worst convicts.
  • A second way to escape, see if you can discover it for yourself!


There is 1 cop, he tells the robbers what to do, anything from making them go to the mess hall to eat, to going to the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or be punished. However, while doing so, the robbers must also find the way to escape without the cop getting too suspicious.

It is recommended that you play with friends as there are many “honor rules”, meaning it is very easy to cheat, but you’re a dick if you do.


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“Freefall” A Slime Block Jump Map by KryptonDrago

Freefall is a dropper style parkour/jump map that incorporates the use of new 1.8 features including slime blocks.
There are 9 short levels you will have to complete (increasing in difficulty) in order to “win”, you could say.

It will take approximately 10-15 minutes for an average run. hopefully

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Made by KryptonDrago
Source : Minecraft Forums
MC Version : 1.8.1
Max Players : 1


1) Don’t cheat (breaking blocks and shtuff) thanky
2) Play on peaceful and survival (so you can die)
3) I really don’t know what other rules to put here so


Enter only ONE level at a time. (don’t press 2 buttons at once duh)
ALSO: Make sure teleporting is ON. This map will NOT work properly if you have a server that cannot run command block tp commands. so fix it


You’ll press the button in each level chamber that teleports you to the level. Once you successfully find your way to the exit, you will press the button there which will bring you back to the hub. From there, you can continue on to the next level and so on.

At some points in the map, you may miss the jump, but not die. In that case, you can use /kill.

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Hologram Parkour by JustMrGarretto

We’ve another great game from JustMrGarretto, I hope you enjoy this novel parkour map.

Hologram Parkour is possibly the most challenging form of parkour, where you must look at the template, then jump to the next block, without seeing it.

The map will keep track of how many seconds it has taken you, and how many deaths you have, (So it is speed-run-able!)

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Made by JustMrGarretto
Source : Minecraft Forums
MC Version : 1.8.1
Max Players : 1

How to Play

Once you start the game, you will be in the parkour course, but you will notice, there are no blocks to jump on!
Simply, look to the left, to see an exact replica of the course, but you can see it.
Then, by looking at the visible parkour, try to judge where the blocks are for the invisible one!


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Slime Runner by raves1234

This is one of the bounciest parkour maps I have ever played, Race through this one right to the end, this works best when you have 3 friends with you. a huge shout goes to raves1234 for sharing this wit you all. Have lots of fun with this games, I’m sure there will be even more games from raves1234 in the future.

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Made by raves1234
Source : Minecraft Forums
MC Version : 1.8.1
Max Players : 4


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Minevolution by theVoid1313

Merry Christmas & season greetings, thanks for sticking with us this far, today we have launched our 13th game and are now in the second half of the 24 Days of Minigames. A warm thank you goes to theVoid1313 for allowing us share Minevolution with you. I hope you enjoy this game and your day be full of many powerups.


Minevolution is a game I created initially with the intention of testing just what the rates of the efficiency enchantment were in pickaxes. I used a stone block that would replace itself 20 times a second and then would enchant pickaxes with various levels to see the difference. I eventually found it enjoyable and messed up with it. After that, it became a crazy game that not even I could have control over.

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Made by theVoid1313
Source : Minecraft Forums
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 1

The premise of the game doesn’t even need to be explained. You wake up in a dark room with only one opening where you can see the sky. Below that opening you see an altar with a stone: The Infinite Stone. You have a wooden pickaxe, so what are you waiting for?

With the addition of the Battlegrounds, I present you the new Treasure mechanic. Where your explorers can find treasures and special and inaccessible items and give them directly to you.

You sell stone to upgrade your pickaxes, minerals, Bank and Helpers. And the good part? It’s infinite! There is no limit to the amount of helpers anymore, so you can have as many as you want. Dwarves, Warlocks, you will see the numbers fly up in your bank account.


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Paintball x 4

We’re halfway there, Day 12 is here of the 24 Days of minigames. We’ve a great set of Paintball maps by Elliswin the architect of, this server is aimed at families and autistic children. He’s developed a safe environment to mine & craft.

This paintball arena is a collection of the four most played maps on, I hope you enjoy these arenas.



Made by Elliswin SafeCraftUK
Source :
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 10


CAVE-IN by Zorigami

Day 11 is here and this is one of the best games we’ve played so far, Cave-in by Zorigami is going to have you so addicted, you’ll just want to come back for more.

Hey guys! So, “Cave-In” is a Minigame created completely in the latest snapshot versions of vanilla MC. (14w11a specifically…) This game started out as a simple concept for an MC mechanic. Since then, it’s gotten progressively more complex, and I can finally say that it is at the point of being an actual, playable (and pretty darn fun) Minigame. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

playminigame  downloadminigame

Made by Zorigami
Source : Planet Minecraft
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 4

How to Play

When the game begins, you are teleported to a walled off arena, and are issued a three second countdown. When the countdown ends, blocks start falling from high above you, following any move you make. Your goal in the game is to climb whatever mountain you have formed with the falling blocks, until your feet are above a certain height which is marked off by a layer of particles. There are four base game difficulties, two unlockable difficulties, and two more unlockable bonus levels. Each one provides for a different experience, making it new and challenging each time! The map download includes a manual, directly in front of you when you first spawn, which explains everything more in-depth.

This map is multiplayer compatible, in that multiple people can be online at once while the game is played. Only one player can be playing the minigame at once, but spectating is allowed and encouraged.

Minecraft Forums post link: Cave-In
Reddit Link: Minecraft Sub-Reddit

And finally, a special thanks to Meldorn, Kadinu, XvProtectedvX, julianf007, Dick_Magee, cookie_of_doom, wikiwiki149, SilverPyro172 and others for helping me test throughout Cave-In’s development!

Lets Plays

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The Eye Parkour by SilentNoises

An epic parkour map my SilentNoises, you’ve had tough, this map is even tougher than most maps. Enjoy the view while you work out a path through this “Adventure Parkour”. A big thanks goes out to SilentNoises for allowing us to share The Eye parkour with you today.

playminigame  downloadminigame

Made by SilentNoises
Source : Planet Minecraft
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 6

Basically found your way through the map checkpoint to checkpoint finding power ups along the way. Hope to see you all at the end.


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Platform Party by JustMrGarretto

This is a tough game, you are going to have to be o your toes and on each of the levels. Hugest thanks to JustMrGarretto for letting us share Platform Party with you.

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Made by JustMrGarretto
Source : Minecraft Forums
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 1

Survive through the randomly picked variety of new, unique mini-games, merged together into one map. All minigames take advantage of 1.8 features, and are very different, and challenging from one-another. The main platform is customizable, along with all of the Chromofied levels!

This map is designed to be played single player, but should work correctly with multiplayer as of update 1.02


  • Anvilanche – A stage where anvils fall above you as the ground breaks below you, while you try to collect emerald blocks
  • Gold Guardian – Over time, gates will open, creating more monsters, and they will also level up over time, while you use special items and powerups such as the throw-able dynamite or time freezing items. You must disable all of the gates with levers to win.
  • Grid Hopper – Giant laser beams will swipe across the platform. If it is too high to jump over, you must duck under it. If it is low enough, you can jump over it.
  • Chromofied – A random map is chosen, and a random color is chosen. You must stand on the color you are told, before all other colors disappear.


  • Warp Star – Teleports you back up to the platform if you fall
  • Time Freeze – Freezes all mobs and freezes all mob spawning, allows you to move around or place levers in Gold Guardian
  • Throw-able Dynamite – Explodes, and defeats all monsters in a 3 block radius
  • Speed Feather – Gives you speed for 1 minute
  • Beam Deflector – Gives you jump boost for 20 seconds
  • Ancient Sword – Lets you start with a better sword every round in Gold Guardian
  • Hard Hat – Lets you survive 1 hit from a falling anvil in Anvilanche


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Blast Wars II by pierre53000

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Made by pierre53000
Source : Planet Minecraft Download the game
MC Version : 1.8.1
Players : 1

This map is the second version of Blast wars ! A 100 % vanilla pvp map where the goal is to be the last one in the arena and knock out the opponent with spells!


  • Kit system
  • 9 exclusives spells
  • Multiple arenas
  • Training room
  • Arena selection
  • Spectator Mode
  • And a lot more …

Kits & Spells

  • Blaze Kit :  Fireball, Fire stick, Blaze Power
  • Creeper Kit : Explosion egg, Magic star, Charge
  • Enderman Kit : Ender pearl, Storm spell, Proximity Mine

GamePlay Video


playminigame   downloadminigame

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