Bukkit has hit a second release of version 1.2.5. The major changes appear to be stability fixes and general bug correction and clean-up. We have upgraded our Minecraft Hosting UK servers to this new version. CraftBukkit servers will begin using the new version when they are next restarted. Users can manually restart their servers using the Multicraft Control Panel.

As with any update, there may be issues with existing Bukkit plugins. There are a few changes in this update that may affect some plugins. Let us know if you encounter any issues by contacting us via the Support Portal.

Check out the full list of changes below.


BUKKIT-790: A slime split spawn reason
BUKKIT-1499: permissions.yml doesn’t allow nested permissions like plugin.yml

Fixed Bugs

BUKKIT-32: “Fetching addPacket …” Console Spam
BUKKIT-601: Logging into a server while already logged in returns odd player location in onPlayerQuit()
BUKKIT-659: When I log out of my server, I can only login after several attempts at opening the server, loggin into Minecraft, finding End of Stream, repeating process several times.
BUKKIT-717: All console commands executed properly then followed by: [INFO] Unknown command. Type “help” for help.
BUKKIT-761: PreLoginEvent called before PlayerQuit, if the same user logs on more than once
BUKKIT-789: Unable to remove a potion effect with the removepotioneffect method of Player class.
BUKKIT-1072: Tree grows from highest block to bedrock level
BUKKIT-1399: DataValue Duping with Pistons
BUKKIT-1400: ChunkLoadEvent glitches game into placing infinite blocks in nether
BUKKIT-1456: CraftItemEvent still triggers for the last recipe after all ingredients are done
BUKKIT-1472: Bukkit 1.2.5R-1 consumes all cpu usage
BUKKIT-1519: Baby Villager’s death not passing to EntityDeathEvent
BUKKIT-1521: Disconnecting on death does not persist PlayerDeathEvent values
BUKKIT-1531: Player UIDs of PlayerLoginEvent and PlayerJoinEvent don’t match
BUKKIT-1541: NPE on CraftPlayer.getHandle().netServerHandler some of the time for .hidePlayer() and .showPlayer()
BUKKIT-1545: Null pointer error in net.minecraft.server.TileEntityBrewingStand.p
BUKKIT-1566: Material.FIREBALL placement does not fire BlockPlaceEvent
BUKKIT-1579: Crash: java.lang.NullPointerException
BUKKIT-1607: Player file data gets swapped on crash
BUKKIT-1617: Spawn Protection uses different radiuses for place and break
BUKKIT-1662: TextWrapper issues
BUKKIT-1667: [Hunger] Saturation level not properly updated after eating

New Features

BUKKIT-1565: Allow configuring mob spawn limits

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