BungeeCord Minecraft Server Hosting

We will soon be offering a server package utilising the Spigot and BungeeCord Minecraft server forks. This will provide Bukkit plugin compatibility, multiple Minecraft servers, and interactivity and travel between those servers.

The BungeeCord Server Package will provide you with the server resources and software pre-configured to get you started on your network of Minecraft servers. This product is aimed at experienced Minecraft server managers who want to move to a multiple-world setup and have (or wish to build) a community of builders and players.


Our BungeeCord Server Package will provide you with a server container running Ubuntu and comes with cPanel and Multicraft pre-installed. SSH access also allows you to manage your container at the root level; Re-configure the existing software, or install new software e.g. a VOIP server such as Ventrillo, Mumble or Teamspeak. An SQL server and cPanel are also installed allowing you to extend beyond just the Minecraft servers. The basic package will grant you the following system resources:

  • Access to 8 CPU cores
  • 10 GB of SSD
  • 5 GB of RAM

These resources can be grown (or shrunk) to meet your requirements.


Multicraft is the Minecraft server provisioning and managing system that we use to maintain our StickyPiston Managed Hosting servers. We believe it to be an ideal tool for running a BungeeCord Network. Multicraft will be pre-installed and pre-configured with access to all the latest Minecraft server jar files.

All you need is to buy a Multicraft licence and put the key into the configuration file and you are ready to start bulding your BungeeCord network. Multicraft licenses can be bought from: http://www.multicraft.org/. Using Multicraft to manage your individual Minecraft worlds has many benefits:

  • Each world is running on its own system process
  • Each world can be granted just the RAM it needs
  • Each world can be backed-up and restored individually
  • Each world can have its own set of plugins and permissions
  • Quickly swap in worlds by simply editing IP and port values
  • Multi-tiered user access control that lets you grant privelidges on a global and/or per-server basis
  • Build and test your Minecraft servers online before connecting them to the BungeeCord network
  • FTP with its own per-server user access rights

Build a Community


We offer all our customers the Megamouth web hosting service. The main functions it provides access to are:

  • Web server
  • Domain management
  • phpMyAdmin for SQL
  • Forum software
  • WordPress

Why Choose StickyPiston Hosting?

  • Premium Support Included (not an extra cost)
  • DDoS Protection & Offsite Backups
  • One-Click Multiservers, Swap 100's Modpacks & Maps
  • Dedicated Support Staff who know what they're doing