General Terms & Conditions for StickyPiston competitions and events.

These Terms & Conditions do not, in any way supercede the information found in the StickyPiston Terms of Service.
In cases where this document conflicts with the StickyPiston Terms of Service, the latter takes precedent.

1. By entering and/or participating in a StickyPiston competition or special event, the user is acknowledging their agreement to this document.

2. A StickyPiston competition or event is defined as; “Any specifically organised meeting for players to potentially earn or win digital or physical prizes provided by StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting”

3. In any competition or event, user information and details will be used in accordance with StickyPiston’s Privacy Policy.

4. Personal information may be required in the case of physical prizes to arrange shipping. This may include the user’s full name, home address and contact details.

5. Digital and physical prizes require the user to register an account with StickyPiston for security and safety of both parties.

6. Digital prizes, including server hosting packages and “StickyPiston Tokens” carry no real-world financial value and can not be exchanged for currency.

7. All digital prizes will be processed and added to the user’s client account in line with StickyPiston’s automated and electronic systems.

8. Digital prizes will be gifted in either the currency in the home country of the user or as a currency conversion of the original prize listed.
(e.g. A $100 StickyPiston token prize may be received as either one hundred of the user’s regular currency or as a conversion of $100 based upon the common exchange rate at the time of distribution)

9. The above point is at the discretion of StickyPiston and they make an informal commitment to find the best solution for the user and the company as required.

10. StickyPiston may halt, reverse or cancel a competition, event or distribution of winnings (Physical or Digital) as long as good reason is given to the participants and winners. This is at the discretion of StickyPiston and will be avoided as much as is possible.

11. Winners will be contacted through a variety of means dependant on the “best method” as decided by StickyPiston. This can include, emails, support tickets, discord conversation and other forms of direct communication.

12. Digital prizes will never expire and may be split, gifted and used by the winner any way they deem fit.

13. Winning a digital prize does not guarantee specific services from StickyPiston but is still beholden to the StickyPiston Terms of Service.

14. Grievances regarding a prize winning, competition or event must be highlighted by opening a support ticket. This is the only guaranteed method that will receive an official response by StickyPiston.

15. Users of any age may enter StickyPiston competitions and events but any winning in the form of a physical or financial award requires the attention and understanding of a responsible adult over the age of 18. This can be a parent or guardian.

16. In cases mentioned above, the parent or guardian must be the person to create an account with StickyPiston and request the winnings as detailed in point 7 of this document.

17. In any case where a winner is unable to collect their winnings they will be given a period of seven days from the end of the event or competition to respond. If no response is given within that time, StickyPiston will re-distribute the winnings to the next user in line and so on.
(e.g. If the winner of 1st place is unable to accept their prize it will be passed on to the 2nd place winner with the 2nd place prize being moved to the 3rd place winner and so on.)

Thank-you for taking the time to read this document, if you have any questions or concerns regarding StickyPiston competitions and events please do not hesitate to contact us using the support system on our website.

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