The wait is over, the Bukkit team are happy that their latest DEV build compatible with Minecraft 1.1 clients is fit for use and have set it as their Latest Recommended Release Build. This release brings BukkitCraft up to date with Minecraft 1.1 whilst also introducing a few fixes as well as adding the Plugin Message API which will promote and improve client and server mod compatibility and interoperability. A full list of BukkitCraft changes can be found at

We have already updated the craftBukkit.jar on to the new version. Before you use the new craftBukkit.jar make sure you backup your world! All you need to do to make sure you are running this release is to Select the ‘MOD: Craftbukkit’ entry from the JAR Selector on your Server page in the Multicraft Control Panel, saving the changes, and restarting the server. A step by step guide to doing this can be found here.

Most Plugins will still work but some may require updating. We will be reviewing all Plugins that we host to see if there are any updates.

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