RLCraft Server Hosting

RLCraft Server Hosting

  • 3GB Min RAM
  • Curse Modpack Launcher
  • 2.9.1c Latest Version
  • 1.12.2 MC Version
  • 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • 24hr Free Trial Server
  • Premium Support Included
  • Instant Server Setup

Experience realism with the dangers of fantasy in your very own RLCraft Server

RLCraft stands for Real Life or Realism, which this modpack helps to take your RLCraft Server Hosting to the next level of difficulty. For starters, Tough As Nails takes center focus inside of this modpack which adds in a newly created temperature and thirst system you’ll need to take care of. Topple that with the new First Aid health system, you’ll have to figure out how to manage your body in an entirely new ruleset and survival experience. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll need to watch out for the sleepless Bloodmoon nights that come after enough time passes by inside of the world.

  • Take care of over a thousand different bounties inside of Bountiful
  • Explore over 200 different kinds of quests provided through Better Questing
  • Adjust to new weapons introduced in Spartan Weaponry for better defending yourself
  • Advanced Fishing allows you to collect over 43 kinds of fishes even from inside of lava

Watch this Quick Start Video Guide to RLCraft…

Hosting in RLCraft

RLCraft Server aims to change the way that works for your Minecraft journey, adding the feelings of realism to the journey of a fantasy world. With our RLCraft Server Hosting, you’ll be able to explore through this journey without any problems towards adventuring the vast world that’s out there or worry about potential client side issues to the server.

What to expect of RLCraft

It’ll take some time to adjust to this new journey that you will be embarking on even if you are with friends. For starters you’re going to need to adjust to new skills introduced in Reskillable in this modpack. These skills limit the ability to just craft and obtain an Iron Sword with ease, making it to where you need to adjust to the world at hand and the materials that offer itself up upon you. Don’t think you can just settle down and grind your way through however, especially when you could have the Ice & Fire Dragons come at any given point to spell some trouble for your home, you need to be on the move while getting yourself an established point to return back to. Everything isn’t always against you however when you want to take your journey to the next level. The developers behind this Minecraft Modpack didn’t want to leave you feeling defeated just because you aren’t used to this journey, so one of the biggest things they’ve done is tailor make everything to help teach the player from every death to every mistake that could be done all so you can enjoy a better experience overall.

So what are you waiting for? Make your own RLCraft Server today and explore the journey the development team has made for you.

RLCraft Guide for Beginners

If RLCraft is still handing your butt on a silver platter, then no sweat. We here at StickyPiston have made a guide to help your experience through the beginning of the modpack in order to improve the start of your journey. We also left a few tips and tricks that you might want to take a gander at.

To get yourself started, you’ve probably experience that you will be dying a lot throughout the beginning, but that’s fine! Starting off like this helps you figure out what things you might want to avoid from the deadly dragons of the sky to the Lycanites mobs infecting the entire area. The images shown below are some of the mobs that you’ll want to be avoiding for the time being.

An example of a Dragon in RLCraft.

A Dragon in RLCraft.

An example of one of the Hostile Lycanites Mobs.

One of the Hostile Lycanites Mobs called Abaia.

A Lycanites Roc carrying another hostile Lycanites Mob to drop and kill the player.

A Lycanites Roc carrying a hostile Lycanites Mob to drop onto the player.

Now that you see what you have to avoid, let’s get to telling you what you need to be doing to survive.

What should I do when I Begin RLCraft?

To start off you want to be able to find some gravel and mine through it until you can get yourself some flint (recommendation? Get at least 8-10 pieces). After you have enough pieces you’ll want to right click stone on the ground in order to get some Flint Shards. Once you do, punch leaves from a tree to get a stick then craft one of these shards with the stick in your crafting grid to obtain a Flint Knife. You’ll want to craft a few of these knives to get you started. Just as a reminder, you need to right click objects to pick them up. Alternatively, you can also Crouch near the items to pick them up.

How you craft a Flint Knife (works in Crafting Grid)

Once you have a few of these crafted, start swinging around at the grass until they break. You should be able to get some Plant Fiber in which you’ll be able to craft 3 of these together to create Plant String. These are important for crafting your Flint Tools.

Plant Fiber to Plant String Recipe.

Flint Hatchet Recipe - one of the important Flint Tool Recipes.

Once you have crafted the Flint Hatchet and Flint Pickaxe, it’s time to start doing some mining. You’ll want to mine as much stone as you can to obtain Rocks alongside a few bits of Coal to get yourself prepared for the journey ahead. Make sure you also chop down some trees with your hatchet. To get planks in this, you’ll need to set the logs down and right click on the top of them as this will be the only way you can get planks for now. To get sticks, do the exact same with the planks. Also to get Cobblestone to make Stone Tools, put the Rocks together in a 2×2 shape to get 1 Cobblestone.

You’re probably noticing it becoming night time by now, so if you have enough Plant String craft it into a 2×2 shape to get wool. With a Crafting Table you’ll be able to make a bed using the newly obtained wool and sleep the night away to not worry about dangers. When you sleep you’ll also be recovering 50% of your health!

RLCraft Tips and Suggestions

  1. It’s best that when you learn about Talents that you specialized in Combat. This helps with getting some fighting skills early on while also being able to easier help with combat. Random Crits for example gives you a 5% chance per level to gain a double damage hit (Crit) from any direct attacks. There’s more to look out for in places such as mining or crafting too, so be wary of all that’s available.
  2. Make sure that when you allocate experience to your Skills that you don’t overlevel everything. Keeping everything to a nice balance allows you to wield a versatile amount of weapons from Bows to Spears.
  3. Keep an eye on the temperature. Temperature is important as it can help you with not getting hypothermia or hyperthermia. Staying in cool water or wearing the proper clothing articles can help with keeping these in check.
  4. Get yourself a Saw Early on. Saws allow you to just craft things like wood into planks and or sticks into the crafting table for full value rather than having to rely on needing an axe to right click to get them.
  5. Once you have enough tools, get yourself a Paxel. It essentially acts like a multi-tool that mines at a diamond level and contains infinite durability. You will need to get your Building Skill up to Level 6 though if you want to put it together.
  6. Most importantly – keep vigilant on your quests. The quests are essentially a more detailed and interesting guide to help you from straying too far from being lost in the modpack. Getting all the help you can from the Quests is just a necessity to learn everything from the weapons to the mobs that you will encounter on your journey. DON’T forget it.

That’s about all you really need to know to start your way through the game. This should help you out at the start, but if you need more information that this small guide cannot provide, check over at the official RLCraft Wiki for a full guide to get your through the game. Also be sure to keep a watch on those quests! There’s more out there, but this should provide enough information.

Free RLCraft Server Trial

Try before you buy, Start a free 24 hour CurseForge RLCraft Server Hosting trial. At the end of your trial your world can be transferred to premium server.

  • Choose from 804+ modpacks from your modded library, the adventure never ends!
  • Can’t find a modpack? Just ask, we’ll add it to the one-click installer.
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  • Server crashed? Send us a ticket and we can fix it 99.9% of the time.
  • A dedicated support team that can explain optimisations, carry out requests and help you understand your server better.

CurseForge Lag & JAVA Arguments

Memory Requirements & Player Slots

  • Memory Guideline
    To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 3GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering 4GB or more. You won't know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on. Don't worry you can quickly upgrade your memory as your server grows. Follow this guide if you need to upgrade.

  • Recommended Max Players is our best guess on how many slots gives good performance per GigaByte of memory. It relates to how many players can join before running into lag or out-of-memory errors. Newer servers with lots of mods/plugins will have less players per GB, you won't know exactly how many players until your server gets busy. You have Unlimited Slots, set this in the control panel, use your slots wisely. It's a guideline not set in bedrock!
Hosting Packages 1-2GB 3-4GB 5-16GB
Suitable for hosting Friends & Family
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Small Modpacks (1.4.7 - 1.19.4)
Growing Community
Minecraft PC/MAC, Bukkit, Spigot
Medium Modpacks (1.7.10 - 1.19.4)
Larger Communities
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Larger Modpacks or more Players
Premium Support Included

Instant Setup Unlimited Modpack Updates Unlimited Slots Monitored/Managed Service

One-Click Installer Install/Switch between up to 4 Minecraft instances on one server. More about Click and Play installer.
Server Locations Choose from 6 server locations USA Canada UK France Singapore Australia
Custom Modpack Server Modpack Server built with your mods & configs at no extra cost. Start your own Custom Modpacks today.
Supported Launchers Minecraft JAVA Edition (Windows/Mac/Linux) - CurseForge/Twitch - Feed The Beast FTB - ATLauncher - Technic
Minecraft Maps Play 2747+ Minecraft Maps Host Minigame nights with friends. One-Click Install, join in under 30 seconds

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