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131 Comments » for Free Minecraft Server Trials 1.8, Modded and Minigames
  1. David says:

    If you have any questions about your Free 2 Day Minecraft Trial ask questions here… oh if you use your minecraft name you Avatar will show 😀

  2. WithoutFanfare says:

    When my trial finishes can I keep the world and all my settings?

  3. Nikolai says:

    it is nice that you offer a free trial

  4. DarkLord__ says:

    my trial was lag free and soon I’m buyin a server

  5. Hey, thanks for this Sticky Piston! You guys do provide premium quality! 😀

  6. Crazan21 says:

    Wow! Looks fun haven’t tried yet, a server I worked for got hacked and shut down and am looking to host a new one and post ip on website before all of our members are gone! this is first on my list of finding hosts! ill start trying tomorrow! please email me!

    • David says:

      Crazan21, it’s a real shame your server was shutdown… hope you like your trial and have been able to rescue all your members. You should try and get your world files and I will upload them to your server when sign up with our Minecraft hosting.

      Stay Crafty

  7. Midget_Matty says:

    🙁 No trials left

  8. Schwingendorf says:

    This is the Best Hosting Server Ever !
    Thanks Eonic To be the Best Owner !

  9. oglimus7 says:

    Had my server now for for a while, wouldn’t ever change my host again. Awesome service and awesome sves. Keep it up!

  10. santtuz112 says:

    No more trials 🙁 Do you make more of them? If you make pls tell me 🙂

    • David says:

      Have a look next week, we will be running the trials again. If you can’t wait you could try a 256mb server for €3.99 a month. If you are not happy you can have a refund as we do a 14 day money back guarantee.

    • David says:

      Trials are back on Santtuz, come and get one before they go.

  11. LemonadeHangover says:

    Can you make the servers private for your friends only?

    • David says:

      Your server will be private by default, unless you make it public in the Multicraft Minecraft Control Panel. Only people you tell your ip address to can come and play on your server.

      Also you have control over your whitelist so only your friends can visit your server. Before Your friends could join your server they would need to ask you to put them on your whitelist.

  12. Honeydew says:


  13. santtuz112 says:

    umm can i use this to cracked servers too?

  14. xSABOTEUR132x says:

    Hi there! i dont want to be to much of a bother but i have been waiting for a long time hoping for a trail to open up,Is there any chance you can tell me when ones Open?


  15. santtuz112 says:

    David.. seem to u anwsered someone but if u didnt see my comment i really want know can u host cracked servers too?

    • David says:

      I missed your comment, I just spotted it. Cracked Minecraft Servers is not something we are selling or supporting. Though we do allow you to upload your own server jar to your server folder (just send the support team an email). This means with a little configuration you can run your own modded servers such as Tekkit, Buildcraft or server snapshots. Its up to you Santtuz.

  16. santtuz112 says:

    Thx for trial.. now it says status pending :).. now i just need wait… If it seem easy and good to use and also easy to make cracked i might buy… I hope i can make 1.2.4 server :/

  17. santtuz112 says:

    YES! ITs cool! Very easy to use and add plugins! And no problem its 1.2.5 because my mc patched to it! also no lag at all! Easy to control almost everything… Only problem is that i cant add other plugins? Or can i? If i can how? Cuz i wonder can i just add plugins that are in the list in plugins…. plz reply and tell is there way add other plugins than just theys in list?

  18. blacksoul1234 says:

    when will the trials come back up? i really want to try it.
    there seems to be a lot of good reviews so i want to try it first. then i will buy one server.

    • David says:

      Nice one blacksoul1234, enjoy the trial… [Link has been sent]

      Yeah definitely get a server, it would be great to have you join our Minecraft community.

      • blacksoul1234 says:

        thx for the trial
        one question
        if i don’t start it will my trial still be there?
        or will it disappear after 2 days?

  19. santtuz112 says:

    Please anwser to me how i can add plugins that isint in there!!

  20. santtuz112 says:

    oops lag 2 times came 🙁

  21. MrDorito831 says:

    hey how you get the trial

  22. BlackReaperHei says:

    Though, I wish there were trials.

  23. draxee says:

    🙁 🙁 everytime i look for the free trials here its allways maxed out 🙁

  24. pat32312 says:

    why are all trails out when i try to try one

    • David says:

      It’s because we only have limited space for trials, as soon as I put them on they go! I just cant keep up 🙂 Come and the trial before it runs out again.

  25. santtuz112 says:

    Why do i have 6 slot server?I have not buyed one :/ So is it safe if upgrade it?

  26. santtuz112 says:

    Guys i reccomend this hosting place! Its very good! I just love it! Its very easy to control.. Also its easy to add plugins from the FTP acces 😀 My server got about 47 plugins and it was 8/6 (yes more than max slot) and server was handling it little it crashed some times.. BUT IT HAD OVER 47 PLUGINS AND 8/6 Thats much for 3,33£ SERVER! but now i removed some plugins i have now about 31 plugins and it runs good no lag at all! This is best hosting place i have tryed so far.. Thank you

    • David says:

      Cheers Santtuz for the great feedback on our minecraft hosting. You are totally right the more plugins you have the more memory you will use up, this could cause problems for players and you may crash your server! To be honest if you are going to be messing with Bukkit you need at least 512mb to hold all your players and plugins in memory.

  27. Jagows says:

    I have a question, when I buy a server what happens? The website sets up a server and you just log in an ip address and your in? or is there a program? I was thinking about buying a 12 slot server. Please reply asap

    • David says:

      Hey Jagows, thanks for a great question. As soon as you have placed your order and paid your Minecraft server will start right away. You will get an email with your IP and port number.

      When you are ready you can then login into Multicraft the Minecraft Control Panel. Here you can manage players, stop and start your server, install plugins and much much more. And if you get stuck you can ask our support team and they will help you out.

  28. Schwingendorf says:

    This is The best Hosting Server xD

  29. behemothk1ll5 says:

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for more trials. Can’t wait to try out your services!

  30. xSABOTEUR132x says:

    Hi there, sorry for the late reply, I was going to ask if i could give feedback, I found this a Great Server, may be small, but it was Brill! With David (Eonic) Watching over me, and helped me with a few plugins it was Brill, I hope more people Choose the trial or even better, A full server! With no lag, A helping hand and a server you can craft into what you want! it was great! I Wish for this to be put up on a place on your website Because that was a great time! And i hope more people will order a full server, you deserve it 😀

    • David says:

      xSABOTEUR132x, Wow… cheers for your glowing review. It’s great that you enjoyed your trial so much. I had a quick peek at what you were building, looking good, hope to see more of your creations. As for plugins I dont mind giving anyone a hand getting the basic plugins setup.

      x Stay Crafty x

  31. Snff Snff theres no more trials 🙁

  32. behemothk1ll5 says:

    Really looking forward to using your trials and helping me decide which company to go for! The only problem is that there are no trials left! ;(

    • David says:

      you’ve got it, just sent you the trial link in an email… enjoy the 2 day free minecraft trial.

      Stay Crafty

      • behemothk1ll5 says:

        Sorry to bother you again but I didn’t get my trial link. I have linked a new email so would it be possible if you could send another link? Thanks

  33. Ghost1894 says:

    Hey, Firefox doesn’t trust your certificate, why?

    • David says:

      Thanks Ghost1894 for pointing that out, my web dev team are looking into this. They assured me this website is still secure, and it’s down to a javascript file that is getting called as http:// instead of https://

  34. MCTV1000 says:

    Heard great reviews from friends about you guys and they recommend your trials to start out. Need to keep my eye out for the trials! 😀

    • David says:

      Thanks Dude, the trials are going back up tomorrow afternoon from 4pm BST onwards, so come back and check… fingers crossed MCTV1000 you beat everyone else.

      Stay Crafty

  35. koolios12 says:

    I really want to get this server, but I am not allowed to get it until I try it on the free trial… I showed all my friends this sight about getting a server and now they are all asking if got the server, so I really need the free trial. This website looks the best by far, and I have looked at a lot of other ones first, and I hope to get a free trial soon!

    • David says:

      Hi Koolios12, we’ve only so many trial servers to go round! And you would never believe this, some people order a trial and never even visit their world!? they don’t even build a thing… and this ruins it for you and everyone else because the trials run out quicker than they should.

      What I have done is put you in the VIP list, so when they become available again you will get a trial server first.

      Do you promise to build something really amazing?

      Stay Crafty

      • koolios12 says:

        Absolutely My friends are just waiting to jump in and build my server, as it will be the hunger games with 4 districts (I have this all planned out)

  36. the11th says:

    Is it just a trial or can u get to run server with out a trial server.

  37. Darkmale76 says:

    Any More free Trials Yet?
    Can’t wait to try out this host 😀
    if your awesome i might rent one 😛

    • David says:

      Hey Darkmale76, again we put the trial minecraft servers up and they just fly out off the window… At the moment we can’t keep up with the demand. I will email you soon when they become available again, so you can try us out.

      I’d like it if you would rent one of us, the more server owners the better. we’ve a great community forming here between server owners.

  38. Blossom says:

    please put up some more free trials…………i AM DESPERATE

    • David says:

      Hiya Blossom, I never knew so many were desperate for a trial server. Like I said to @the11th if you can’t wait please order a server by following this links Order Minecraft Server.

      I have put you on the VIP mailing list, so in the next couple of days you will get one 😉

  39. Ghost1894 says:

    Hi, this is probably the only site I have seen that gives you a free trial with premium services. Great job! 🙂 I may order a server soon, you have great servers, but on the free trial I noticed very minor lag but my internet sucks so I don’t blame you. xD The only thing I don’t really understand is the permissions and stuff, and I’m not in the mood to go reading a tutorial for 5 hours so i’ll try and figure it out. And where are your servers located?

    • David says:

      Hi Ghost1894, thanks for signing up with us for a full server, and your glowing review of our service and premium trials. Our servers are in Germany, which works out well as we’ve a great connection to Europe, UK & USA for minecraft servers.

  40. KoolKat_Gold says:

    I want a server so bad…. but 2 days is too short. I need like….. just a week

  41. Ghost1894 says:

    Why do you paypal? Paypal is probably one of the stupidest things ever. Just hook it up so you can enter a credit card! If you don’t, you probably just lost a customer…

    • David says:

      Good point Ghost1894, this is something we will be doing, we’ll be adding on more payment options as not everyone has paypal.

  42. thesbros says:

    Dang, the trials are out, I was gonna try this before I used it, because I’ve been looking for good server hosts for about 3 days.

    • David says:

      thebros, your search can end now! I have sent you a trial link to your email. Enjoy your trial and let us know what you think. Can’t wait to see what you build.

      Stay Crafty

      • thesbros says:

        Only thing that would make this the best is if you could mod the server jar.

        • David says:

          Some customer have modded their server jars, if you know what you are doing I can set the server up so you can do this. It’s definitely not for Noobs.

          We are working on a Tekkit Server config, which we will be sharing with everyone one soon.

          Hope your trial went ok… when you are ready sign up for a full server I will retrieve your trial world, we could even try modding the server!

  43. behemothk1ll5 says:

    heard great things from you guys. Looking forward to moar trials!

    • David says:

      Hey man, did you not get the link I sent you by email? I have sent it to you again. Don’t want you to miss out on it!

  44. R3l0aded says:

    Hey nice server hosting by the looks of it!
    But can I get a free trial I have been waiting for a while like 2 weeks or something like that and I can never get one :(.

    P.S. Also Firefox says untrusted when i look at the cart page.

    • David says:

      R3l0aded, I have sent you a trial link to your email.

      Thanks for alerting me to this error, someone else mentioned it to me, thought we’d cracked it. If you could email a screengrab to to use that would be awesome.

      Enjoy Your trial.

  45. m1234d says:

    I hope i get one 😀

  46. nicole says:

    i have played it on my i pad and it is awsome

  47. evan says:


  48. jjkearey says:

    Is it possible for your help on installing plugins?

  49. Korty says:

    Can I have a 2 day trial I wanna see if this is the server host I want 🙂

  50. Mojo190 says:

    Can i please have a free server hosting thing my dad just lost his job and my mum runs a daycare so we dont have any money for internet and me to host a server PLZ PLZ PLZ can i have one

  51. jjkearey says:

    When i buy it do i get the multicraft all ready from the name i give you before i buy it. Or do i install myself which i am having problems with. Also would be good to know what plugin support means? Help me download pluigns like Permissions.

    • David says:

      There is no need to install Multicraft, it is already installed as standard. Every customer gets their own account where they can control every aspect of their server.

      Plugin support means we will give you a hand with the core plugins we support such as essentials, worldedit, world guard and many more.

      We use essentials permissions, which you can install using out plugin installer in multicraft.

  52. LloydTheDuck says:


  53. Hannibal_Smith says:

    I want one 🙁

  54. Leekey says:

    Awesome server hosting! I cant wait until I get the trial server to test it out with my friends.
    Got any tips on how to get the trail server faster? I’ve been waiting for ages!

  55. paper89 says:

    Just testing the minecraft name

  56. Bunionator says:

    really wish there was still 2 day free trails, because me and my mates are planning on getting a server. But i will be paying my bank account so i want to see if it is worth getting 😀

  57. messykierannoble says:

    DAMN! thats 12 times ive missed the 2 day free trial! Your servers are really popular, still wish i could try them 🙁

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