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* Recommended Max Players 122424364860728496

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The Best Exploration ModPack in Existance is here!

Explore, Raid, Pillage ships!

This modpack has it all if your the adventurous type. The famous Technic Launcher Hexxit pack is here and its here to stay! Choose your destiny as you enter the Hexxit Pack, Mage, Warrior and Assassin! each with different learning curbs and perks. Group together to be the ultimate raid pack as you adventure through the exciting new dungeons and ships, this mod has plenty of bosses to enjoy also! It truely is the best of its kind as you dare venture into the world of HEXXIT!

The world generation in this is immaculate using the ExtraBiomesXL mod for an even more amazing adventure that would will never want to leave.

This modpack is installed with MCPC+ for better performance and less lag, with support for Bukkit 1.6.4 plugins, ask us about out modded server plugin packs.

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Modpack Requirements

  • Minimum Memory Requirement 1GB because Hexxit Modpack contains 44+ mods. Ordering less will impact performance.
  • * Recommended Max Players is the maximum set in the control panel. Unfortunately we can't guarantee the Hexxit Server will reach the max player due to the different RAM requirements. For best performance follow our Recommended Minimum Memory settings, ignoring this will cause server lag!
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