How to join Craftbukkit Servers with Minecraft 1.4.2

Ever wondered how you can connect to a bukkit server when a new version of the minecraft server is released.

How to join Craftbukkit Servers with Minecraft 1.4.2

What’s news, well first of all minecraft 1.4 has just been released
know as the “Pretty Scary Update” something to do with halloween being round the corner.

All these update don’t half cause a lot of confusion and pulling hair out wondering why I’m getting the unable to connect error

Right I’m going to explain it in the beast way I can

mojang do loads of work on the new minecraft client to include loads of new features, block and bug updates, they release it to us minecraft hosts. and we update our servers so you can use it

this is really easy if you just use Minecraft Vanilla or default server, everything goes smoothly and you can continue playing on your server.

That’s all cool, or is it!

Here’s where it get a little tricky, most of StickyPistons customers use the CraftBukkit server which is updated by EvilSeph and his team across at, updates can take a couple of weeks to arrive and there is usually a few releases until they get it just right.

As you’ve guessed the 1.4 of bukkit has not been released yet!

So what can you do if you updated your minecraft client to 1.4?

I’ve a couple of thing you can do

1. Change your server jar to use the default minecraft_server.jar in multicraft Here’s how you do it!!!
2. Use a custom minecraft launcher for minecraft which allows you to run multiple versions of minecraft.
3. Play Tekkit, now that still works for sure
4. Play locally or create a local LAN for a 1.4 world, invite your mates

Digiex Minecraft Launcher


“This Is Minecraft” :: Minecraft Parody of Smash Mouth’s All Star

One of our Customer ShallWeCraft just launched their own minecraft parody. It looks amazing, which I’m sure you will agree with. If you have your own minecraft channel or a website for your Minecraft server please let us know.

Don’t forget to like the video or subscribe to their channel
This Is Minecraft” :: Minecraft Parody of Smash Mouth’s All Star

CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.1 is now available!

Those lovely chaps over at have put up their release build for BukkitCraft 1.1! It’s now possible to play with plugins again using all the new Minecraft 1.1 features.

We have already uploaded the new BukkitCraft JAR file to the Sticky Piston Multicraft repository. If you’re one of our server owners, here’s what you need to do to make sure you are using it.
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