Infinity-Fabric Server Hosting

by NightBreak__

  • Curse Modpack Launcher
  • Beta21 Latest Version
  • 1.18.1 MC Version
  • 6GB Min RAM
Infinity-Fabric Server Hosting
  • 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • 24hr Free Trial Server
  • Premium Support Included
  • Instant Server Setup

Journey into Infinity to craft powerful weapons and learn how to obtain the Keys to protect the world

Infinity-Fabric is a very combative, adventerous, and high-stakes difficulty modpack that allows you to explore the depths of Modded Combat.

  • From small increase of Health or a longer range of detection, Improved Mobs makes things like Zombies or Spiders more of a challenge with more time that passes in the world
  • Sky Villages use villagers that have advanced towards the air, being different compared to your average village
  • Similar to Wynncraft’s magic system, Arcanus is a magic mod that gives you simple spells by using alternating mouse combinations such as Left-Right-Left
  • Rip the enchantments off a book into your tools without losing incompatible enchantments using the Infusion Table

Optimized to give you strength and fight strong foes, Infinity-Fabric gives you the tools to build up your base and fuse your survival instincts into a well-crafted combative system. Not able to start off with Wooden or Stone tools, you must gather up equipment from bones to create the Alloy Forgery, giving you a chance to create more materials from less ore. You’ll have to be quick though as when night time approaches, you might need to sneak around and keep an ear out for the Sculk Worm – a create that can appear within caves or rarely at night to seep fear into the player by hearing them out whenever possible. Don’t be too scared though as the Gate of Babylon and Gobber adds tons of new weapons to keep yourself occupied in protection from things to come and things you’ve encountered before.

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Memory Requirements & Player Slots

  • Memory Guideline
    To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 6GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering 7GB or more. You won't know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on. Don't worry you can quickly upgrade your memory as your server grows. Follow this guide if you need to upgrade.

  • Recommended Max Players is our best guess on how many slots gives good performance per GigaByte of memory. It relates to how many players can join before running into lag or out-of-memory errors. Newer servers with lots of mods/plugins will have less players per GB, you won't know exactly how many players until your server gets busy. You have Unlimited Slots, set this in the control panel, use your slots wisely. It's a guideline not set in bedrock!

Infinity-Fabric Instructions

Servers Instructions

Getting Started (How to Switch to English and other Languages)

  • Click on the lower left button (translated is “Options”)
  • In the Options menu on the left side, click on the button that’s the 2nd up from the bottom (should bring you to the language selection screen)
  • Scroll up to find one of the various English options (if you speak or read other languages, you can locate them here)
  • Language should be changed to English

Small Note: Some things like certain advancements and some action bar tasks will still be in the simplified Chinese formatting. The reason behind this is because some of the writing is hard-coded into this alongside certain words not translating well to other languages. It shouldn’t hinder the experience of the modpack however.

If you are having problems with Infinity-Fabric contact support.

Hosting Packages 1-2GB 3-4GB 5-16GB
Suitable for hosting Friends & Family
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Small Modpacks (1.4.7 - 1.6.4)
Growing Community
Minecraft PC/MAC, Bukkit, Spigot
Medium Modpacks (1.7.10 - 1.15)
Larger Communities
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Larger Modpacks or more Players
Available Modpacks 48 164 268 276 286+
Premium Support Included

Instant Setup Unlimited Modpack Updates Unlimited Slots Monitored/Managed Service

One-Click Installer Install/Switch between up to 3 different Minecraft instances on one server. How-to install MultiServers.
Custom Modpack Server Modpack Server built with your mods & configs at no extra cost. Learn how with your 6 step modpack video guide.
Supported Launchers Minecraft JAVA Edition (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Curse/Twitch - FTB Legacy - ATLauncher - Technic - VoidWrath
Server Locations Choose from 6 server locations USA Canada UK France Germany Australia

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