Now that you’ve rented a Minecraft server from Sticky Piston … What do you do next?
The choices are endless, here’s just some things you could try …

  1. If your New find out how the craft your first Bucket
  2. On a mission … Email all your friends and get building your own world
  3. Invite the world and build a community on your new plot

New to Minecraft, some resources to start with

The most obvious place is to start at the Minecraft Wiki, here you will find everything about crafting. I would first try out the beginners guide to Minecraft, here you’ll get the dirt on making your first pickaxe and what you’ll do to survive your first night! ( you’re first night is going to be scary!)

Check the talent out
Once you have got through the first night your going to have to get a little creative, either build your first castle, tree house or wooden hut to protect your health. If you are looking for inspiration have a look at what other clans and servers are up to by heading across to There’s loads of non-whitelisted server you can jump on to get plenty of crafting ideas.

Get some skin in the game, really you’ve got to be looking your best, you can either design your own look if your a wiz on Photoshop or download a skin from …

You Tube for ideas
I like going to You Tube and watching how other people craft and get inspiration on what to structures to build and wacky widgets I can craft, here are some channels to checkout.

Get your friends aboard

You’ve got a Minecraft server because you want to build a world with your mates, why else would you have rented a server with Sticky Piston!, just email them, get a launch party together for your world then get building. You’ll have loads of fun.

Invite even more people to the party (world)

Now that you’ve some  cool structures up on your server it’s now time to invite even more people to join in. Start creating a Minecraft community. Two ways of this is to advertise world on the Minecraft Forum or list your site on Minecraft server lists so more people will move in and start building.

Here’s some Server you can plug your world

Now you are all fired up, ready to carve out your own little chunk in Minecraft, get going.

What you waiting for… Have fun, and don’t let the Creeper’s blow you into Miner Goo.

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