Minecraft 1.2 is here! Your client will ask you if you want to update, but don’t be too hasty if you play on a server with plugins or you’ll get the dreaded Outdated Server error. Check out the announcement video made by Hat Films.

Didn’t catch all that? Here’s what’s new.

  • New jungle biome
  • Added ocelots
  • Added cats
  • Added iron golems
  • New AI for mobs
  • Tame wolves can have puppies
  • Villagers will have children if there is room in their village
  • New map height limit (256 instead of 128)
  • New items and blocks
  • Doors have been updated so that double-doors work better with redstone
  • Added rare drops for mobs
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes

We have already updated our Minecraft Hosting 1.2 service, those using the default Minecraft JAR will automatically be using the new server JAR when their server next restarts.

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