Hi Mums & Dads, you are most likely on this website because your child is a Minecraft fanatic! You bought them Minecraft and you thought that would be all they needed until they asked for a Minecraft server. I’m going to quickly explain what all this server stuff means and what service, and support we provide to your family.

What’s a Minecraft server for?

A server allows you to build in Minecraft with friends from all over the world, it allows everyone to see all the other changes other players have made, by storing the world on a server on the internet. You connect to this server to make changes to the world

What we do is rent out Minecraft servers, paid for each month, allowing your kids to play multiplayer minecraft

This is what you get when you rent a server…

  • Access to high quality computer equipment that would cost thousands to buy
  • We keep the servers running 24/7 they are always connected to the internet
  • Multicraft Control Panel for managing the server via the web, your iPhone, or other mobile device
  • Advice and server help when things go wrong. Provided by email, a support ticket system, and live chat
  • We help configure servers and plugins to make the online experience better
  • Make sure the servers are always up to date and working
  • If a world gets griefed (More on this later) we roll back the world from our backups


We pride ourselves in how we help all our server owners

No one said running a server would be easy, it’s a lot of responsibility and there is so much to learn, we try to make it as easy as possible to run them by providing minecraft ‘how-to’ articles. When your child does get stuck we are always here to help out, we answer lots of email & support tickets everyday solving problems. We also have live chat for quick questions that is found at the top of our website.

Billing and Invoices

We rent out servers on a monthly basis, you will be sent an invoice to pay each month. To rent a server you will first need to place an order for a server. As part of the order process we will ask for contact details and the Minecraft Player name, we use the player name to create an account for the Server Control Panel. We use PayPal for taking online payments. When you place your order a Automatic Payment Profile will be setup, this will automatically send us a payment each month for your server, unless you cancel the automatic payment.

The first time you place an order your child’s server will start immediately and you will get a whole bunch of emails, they can all seem a little confusing, and you’re probably wondering what to do with them all…

Emails we send you

  • Welcome to StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting
    Has your Support & Billing Passwords to log into the client area
  • Order Confirmation – StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting
    Just saying what you ordered and the monthly costs
  • Customer Invoice – StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting
    This is an automated payment request, if you have paid already, nothing to do here
  • Invoice Payment Confirmation Thank you – StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting
    Thank you & receipt that the invoice was paid
  • Your Minecraft Server is ready to play – StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting
    Has all the information on how to connect to the server and Multicraft control panel


Paypal Emails

  • Receipt for Your Payment to StickyPiston Hosting
    This is the payment receipt you receive each time you pay for your server manually
  • You set up an automatic payment profile to StickyPiston
    This is the email that PayPal sends you if you set up a recurring payment
  • You sent an automatic payment of £12.95 GBP
    This is the payment receipt you receive each time a recurring payment is made
  • Your recurring payment has been cancelled
    This is an email to let you know that the recurring payment has been cancelled
  • Refund from StickyPiston Hosting
    If we need to refund you, we will send the payment via the PayPal account you use to pay for your server
  • StickyPiston Hosting suspended your automatic payments
    If for some reason we need to suspend a recurring payment, you will receive notification from PayPal


Backups and Griefing


24hr world backup

We configure each Minecraft Server to back up the world every 24 hours and the last 3 backups are kept.
We can help you restore a backup should your world become corrupted or griefed.


Griefing is the act of disrupting a Minecraft server in a manner contrary to the wishes of the server owner. This can be anything from vandalism and item theft to abuse of the server chat.
The default settings for a Minecraft server is to be publically open for all Minecraft players there are no restrictions imposed on visiting players. Thankfully there are a number of ways that you can prevent or mitigate the actions of those who wish to grief. We can help you with setting these up.

Protection Methods

Op list – Op, short for Operator is a player status that gives that player access to powerful chat commands. Anyone with Op status can perform extreme acts of vandalism (like detonating a vast amount of TNT) as well as give other players Op status and ban or pardon players. By default the Op list is empty but sometimes it’s useful for managing a server, but ideally no-one should be on the list. The golden rule of the Op list is that you don’t give Op status to someone you don’t trust. However, kids will be kids and the the Op status will eventually be abused by someone, that much power is just too tempting.

Whitelist – This is a list of Minecraft player names who you allow to join the server. This is ideal if you only want your child and their friends to join the server. By default the whitelist is disabled and empty. This is how you whitelist your server.

Ban list (Blacklist) – This is a list of Minecraft player names who you will not allow to join the server. Not needed if you use the Whitelist but useful for blocking troublemakers.

Permissions plugins – You can run the CraftBukkit (Bukkit for short) variant of Minecraft on our servers. This version of the Minecraft allows you to extend the functionality of the the server using plugins. There are a number of ‘Permissions’ plugins available that allow you to assign players into groups with each group having different restrictions and permissions within the game. Most plugins that provide extra functionality are also compatible with any Permissions system. Configuring these Permissions systems can be tricky and confusing for anyone, we can help you set up the server with a Permissions configuration that allows any Player to join but restricts them from causing havok. Once familiar with Permissions it becomes easy to change the configuration slightly, we can help you over the first difficult hurdle.

Chat Plugins – There are also a number of chat plugins that can be used to prevent colourful language from appearing in the chat. They vary in the level of protection from and the desired reaction to a list of forbidden words. We can help you choose and configure a chat plugin to suit your needs.

Recovering from Griefing/Corruption
Even with all these safeguards things can still go wrong. However it happens the daily backup routine gives you something to return to. We offer guides and support to help you roll your world back into working order once again.

Cancelling Server and Refunds


How to Cancel your server

You can cancel your server at any time. Simply log into the Client Area of the website, go the ‘Servers’ section. Choose the server you wish to cancel and then click the ‘Request Cancellation’ button. You get the option to cancel immediately or to cancel at the end of the billing period. You can also leave us some feedback as to why you are cancelling.

Please note that cancelling a server will also remove the logon for the Server Control Panel. You may wish to download your world and any other plugin and configuration files before the cancellation takes place. If you forget to download your world, don’t panic. We keep hold of your world just in case, contact us and we will be able to put your world available to download.

Cancelling the recurring payments

If you have set up a recurring payment, this will not be automatically cancelled. You will need to log into PayPal and cancelling it there. Here’s how to cancel the payments

14 day money back guarantee

If you wish to cancel your server and let us know you want a refund within the first 14 days, we will issue you a refund via PayPal.

  1. I hope this helps you understand what our service is about. If you have a question, comment below. We just love to hear what you have to say.

    Stay Crafty,


4 Comments » for Mums & Dads – Minecraft Hosting FAQ’s
  1. Anna says:

    Do you charge monthly or do we just have to pay one time?

    • David says:

      Hi Anna,
      This is a monthly service, and not a one off price, though we are considering quarterly and yearly hosting prices with some great savings.

  2. Ethan says:

    Do your server offer online mode false and if yes do they charge more and by how much?I am intrested but some of my friends have cracked(And me :D) and i want everyone to be able to join.Please reply soon.

    • David says:

      Hi there Ethan, all servers can be set to run in offline mode for testing and connecting with Bungee networks. You will find that setting in the server.properties config file. I sometimes do this when the Minecraft Authentication servers are down to connect to a server.

Why Choose StickyPiston Hosting?

  • Free Upgrades & Re-installs
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Dual E5-2620 & E5-2650
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Plugin Packs
  • Multicraft FTP/MySQL
  • Super fast SSD Drives