Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 24w21b Server Hosting

Minecraft 1.21 Snapshot 24w21b Server Hosting

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A new Minecraft Java 1.21 snapshot is here!

This week we’re bringing a Snapshot you can vibe out to! This time around we’re bringing data-driven jukeboxes, a new gamerule, and a bunch of fixes.

Happy vibing!


  • MC-272321¬†– Crash after upgrading snapshot world to 24w21a


  • It seems we cooked a bit too hard with the new Piston sounds last week, which is why we’re reverting back to the old sounds again
  • Lowered volume of original sounds to address initial feedback of Pistons being too loud
  • Pause menu now can include a list of links provided by server
  • Improvements to the disconnection screen
  • Any member of a Realm can now upgrade a world
  • In the Realms main screen, all online players of a Realm are displayed
    • When hovered, a tooltip is shown with each player’s head and name


  • Added sound effect to help players understand they’ve already looted a vault


  • Trial Chambers are less likely to generate in the Deep Dark


  • Animals now panic based on the damage caused by predefined Damage Source Types
  • The panic lasts for 2 seconds after the damage is dealt. The following damage type tags are used by vanilla animals:
    • panic_environmental_causes: Used by Wolves, Polar Bears (adults) and Pandas
    • panic_causes: Used by all other animals and baby Polar Bears


  • Servers can now provide a list of links to clients
  • If client has received any links, a new button called “Server Links…” will show up in pause game screen
    • To make space for that button, “Report Bugs” and “Give Feedback” buttons might be moved into a sub-screen if necessary


  • In some cases client will now store detailed information about disconnection (similar to crash reports)
  • When that happens, new “Open Disconnection Report Directory” button will be added to the disconnection screen
  • When server provides link for bug reporting, it will be also be added as a button to the disconnection screen


  • Resource Pack version is now 34
  • Data Pack version is now 45
  • Server can now provide list of links to client
  • Servers can add custom details to crash and disconnection reports


  • Added new¬†entitiesWithPassengersCanUsePortals¬†gamerule
    • When¬†true, entities with passengers can use Nether Portals, End Portals and End Gateways
    • Defaults to¬†false


  • New clientbound packet¬†server_links¬†is available in¬†configuration¬†and¬†game¬†protocols
  • On receival, client will make links available from pause menu
  • Link labels can be built-in or custom (i.e. any text)
  • Some built-ins also have special fuctionality:
    • report_bug:
      • link will be displayed on disconnection screen, if disconnection was caused by packet handling error
      • link will be included as a comment in disconnection report
  • Added¬†bug-report-link¬†to¬†server.properties¬†to allow vanilla server to configure¬†report_bug¬†links
    • If this field is non-empty, server will send that link to clients
    • This field should contain well-formed URL


  • New clientbound packet¬†custom_report_details¬†is available in¬†configuration¬†and¬†game¬†protocols
  • This packet contains a list of key-value text entries
  • If received, contents of this packet will be added in a separate section to any crash or disconnection report generated during connection to this server


  • Jukebox songs are now data-driven
  • Added new command syntax


  • Added a jukebox song registry which is loaded from data packs
  • Path to jukebox song definition is¬†data/<namespace>/jukebox_song/<id>.json
  • Fields in definition:
    • sound_event¬†– sound event that is streamed when played by a Jukebox
    • description¬†– the name of the song that will be displayed in the hover tooltip represented as a Text Component
    • length_in_seconds¬†– length of the song in seconds as a positive float
    • comparator_output¬†– the redstone signal output by a comparator when played in a Jukebox, between 0 and 15
  • Added¬†minecraft:jukebox_playable¬†item stack component


  • If set, the item can be inserted into Jukeboxes to play a song
  • Format: object with fields
    • song: jukebox song id
      • The song that will be played by the Jukebox when this item stack is inserted
    • show_in_tooltip: boolean (default: true)
      • If false, the name of the song will not be shown in the tooltip
      • This was formerly controlled by the¬†hide_additional_tooltip¬†component on Music Discs
    • e.g.¬†jukebox_playable={song:’minecraft:precipice’},¬†jukebox_playable={song:’minecraft:precipice’, show_in_tooltip:false}


  • Attribute modifiers no longer have a UUID and name combination
  • Instead, attribute modifiers are now uniquely identified by a namespaced ID, similar to other resources
  • The ID of a modifier uniquely identifies it in the set of modifiers for a single attribute
    • Using the same ID for different modifiers is allowed as long as the modifiers are for different attributes
  • Existing built-in modifiers will be upgraded to new IDs
  • Existing custom modifiers will be upgraded to the GUID as an ID in the¬†minecraft¬†namespace


  • The¬†uuid¬†and¬†name¬†arguments have been replaced with a singular¬†id¬†argument


  • The¬†uuid¬†and¬†name¬†fields have been removed.
  • Attribute Modifiers now have an¬†id¬†(namespaced ID) field
    • This is a unique identifier per attribute for the modifier


  • Attributes are now stored as¬†attributes
  • Attribute format:
    • id, renamed from¬†Name
    • base, renamed from¬†Base
    • modifiers, renamed from¬†Modifiers
      • Now stores modifiers in the same format as modifiers in¬†attribute_modifiers¬†item stack components:
        • id, replaces¬†UUID¬†and¬†Name
        • amount, renamed from¬†Amount
        • operation, renamed from¬†Operation, now a named constant instead of an int:
          • add_value¬†– previously¬†0
          • add_multiplied_base¬†– previously¬†1
          • add_multiplied_total¬†– previously¬†2




  • name¬†&¬†uuid¬†have been removed, replaced by¬†id
  • id: The namespaced ID of the Attribute Modifier to add
    • This will be postfixed with the slot name when the enchanted item is equipped in a slot
    • Must be unique to avoid different Enchantments (or other systems) interfering with each others



The damage is not applied to items held by players in creative mode.

Hit Block Parameters
  • Entities:¬†this
  • Enchantment Level
  • Origin
  • Block State


  • minecraft:hit_block:
    • Condition Context: changed to take a Hit Block Parameter –¬†this¬†is the entity hitting the Block



  • Some registry types that used legacy datapack directory names (based on plural name of element) have been renamed to match registry name
  • Affected directories:
    • structures¬†->¬†structure
    • advancements¬†->¬†advancement
    • recipes¬†->¬†recipe
    • loot_tables¬†->¬†loot_table
    • predicates¬†->¬†predicate
    • item_modifiers¬†->¬†item_modifier
    • functions¬†->¬†function
    • tags/functions¬†->¬†tags/function


  • Removed¬†music_discs¬†item tag


  • air: All blocks that resemble air


  • Removed¬†breeze_immune_to¬†damage type tag
  • Added¬†panic_environmental_causes: Damage types that cause panic in aggressive animals that can panic, i.e. mobs that retaliate when attacked
  • Added¬†panic_causes: Damage types that cause panic in passive animals, i.e. mobs that run away when attacked



New item sub-predicate available as jukebox_playable.

  • Matcher for¬†jukebox_playable¬†component (like Music Discs)
  • Fields:
    • song¬†– optional id, list of ids or tag for jukebox song to be matched


  • The¬†gamemode¬†field has been changed to accept a list of gamemodes


  • Added¬†@n¬†entity selector, selecting the nearest entity
    • This functions as¬†@e[sort=nearest,limit=1]
    • Additional requirements may still be provided; for example:¬†@n[type=pig]¬†will select the closest Pig


  • Added the¬†block.vault.reject_rewarded_player¬†sound event
  • Changes to Shaders


  • The¬†blend¬†block in core shader definitions has been removed, as it was not used
  • The¬†position_color_tex¬†shader has been removed, replaced with the pre-existing¬†position_tex_color
  • The¬†glint_direct¬†shader has been removed, replaced with the pre-existing¬†glint¬†shader
  • The¬†armor_glint¬†shader has been removed, as it was unused


  • MC-67¬†– Entities with passengers cannot travel through portals
  • MC-31819¬†– Hunger saturation depletes on peaceful difficulty
  • MC-116279¬†– Non-player entities going through Nether portal do not generate portal in Nether if none exists
  • MC-151648¬†– Non-player entities cannot travel through unlinked nether portals
  • MC-170103¬†– Untamed wolves only beg for food while being angry and jumping
  • MC-260346¬†– Custom music discs cut off when vanilla disc would normally end
  • MC-266290¬†– Double doors do not automatically form between waxed and unwaxed copper doors, even of the same variant
  • MC-266586¬†– Trial chambers can spawn directly inside the deep dark biome
  • MC-266626¬†– Breeze doesn’t stop attacking the player when it enters on the same team
  • MC-267967¬†– Breezes ignore the deflects_projectiles entity type tag
  • MC-268438¬†– Baby armadillos can still eat while rolled up
  • MC-269034¬†– Wolves no longer teleport while trying to pathfind out of Lava
  • MC-269351¬†– The Bolt Armor Trim cannot be duplicated with Waxed Copper Block
  • MC-269370¬†– Sharp lag spike caused by incorrect upper limit on particles created by mace smash attack
  • MC-269460¬†– Thorns enchantment doesn’t work when entities are hit by wind charges
  • MC-269964¬†– Ominous item spawners are missing an NBT load for spawn_item_after_ticks
  • MC-269988¬†– New potion effects don’t apply their respective behaviors when creeper explodes
  • MC-270024¬†– When drinking ominous bottles, bad omen of higher levels can be overriden by lower amplifiers
  • MC-270377¬†– Wind charges can be hit and redirected the moment they are thrown
  • MC-270573¬†– Mounted entities are immune to wind charge damage
  • MC-270808¬†– Any item in the armor.body slot protects wolves from taking damage
  • MC-271458¬†– Channeling tridents no longer summon lightning bolt every time hitting lightning rod under thunderstorm
  • MC-271573¬†– Attribute Enchantments Don’t Behave Properly on Armor
  • MC-271634¬†– Custom enchantments don’t appear in the creative menu
  • MC-271718¬†– Crash when randomized_int_state_provider is applied to blocks lacking the property
  • MC-271753¬†– Crash due to overflow inside cost calculation in by_cost_with_difficulty
  • MC-271856¬†– Crossbows enchanted with Quick Charge do not benefit from its effects when used in the offhand
  • MC-271868¬†– Frost walker replaces flowing water now
  • MC-271901¬†– Entity effect “play_sound” Field “pitch” value upper limit is 1.0 instead of 2.0
  • MC-271911¬†– Frost walker no longer works with void or cave air
  • MC-271914¬†– Soul speed enchantment doesn’t emit particles when the entity is controlled by a player
  • MC-272039¬†– Soul Speed uses durability in creative mode
  • MC-272042¬†– If players have max health over 20 and die, when they respawn they will have 20 health instead of their max health
  • MC-272043¬†– The game crashes when entities die while having the oozing effect
  • MC-272075¬†– Attempting to step up while controlling entity and moving fast often glitches
  • MC-272084¬†– Creepers with potion effects no longer create area effect clouds upon exploding
  • MC-272182¬†– Knowledge Books no longer function properly with a stack size of 1 in survival/adventure mode

Follow along with all the previous updates for the Minecraft 1.21 snapshot

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