Minecraft 1.8 Server Hosting

by Mojang

  • Minecraft
  • V 1.8.8
  • Minecraft 1.8
  • MEM 1GB+
Prices Start - $10  £6.50  €9 ORDER NOW
Instant Setup
Server locations - USA, Canada, UK, France

The Finest Minecraft Server Hosting You Will Experience

Minecraft Hosting done the easy way, we take care of all the technical things with our Managed Minecraft hosting service. We have all the latest Minecraft servers combined with industry standard hardware for the best gaming experience with no lag.

Our support team is hands on and will always visit your server to help you with a problem, such as griefing, server rollbacks, plugin installs and even just to hang out, open a support ticket and we’ll be there to help you.

We can also install the basic Bukkit/Spigot plugins and configure your ranks, all you need to do is send us a support ticket when you get your server, and we’ll be there to give you a head start over everyone else, this literally saves you tens of hours.

Bukkit Plugin Packs

You can choose ready made plugin packs. Choose them when you order and configure your Minecraft server, these work with CraftBukkit,Spigot & also modded servers.

As a bonus you get the BukGet Plugins one click install system with access to thousands of plugins directly through the Multicraft Control Panel.

Order Minecraft Minecraft 1.8 Modpack Servers

Instant setup, No Extra Costs or Waiting… Unlimited upgrades & Reinstalls …Not forgetting Support Included

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Monthly Cost $10$15$20$30$40$50$60$70$80
* Recommended Max Players 2424364860728496
Prices Start - $10  £6.50  €9 ORDER NOW
Instant Setup
Server Locations - USA, Canada, UK, France

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Minecraft 1.8 Memory Requirements

  • For good performance order a minimum of 1GB of memory, for best performance 2GB+. Ignoring this will cause lag and out of memory errors. If you don't order enough we'll message you, You can quickly upgrade.

    * Recommended Max Players is the max set in Multicraft. Max players isn't guaranteed since modpack & plugin memory requirements differ greatly between servers. Ignore hosting claims of X players per GB, this used to work pre 2013!

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  1. The server host person, Eonic (David Walton) is a legend at my school for all his help! I love sticky piston!

  2. We update CraftBukkit as soon as it become available, all you need to do is restart your server in multicraft… When your server restarts the lastest CraftBukkit version will be up and running. We also send out an email to let everyone know this.

  3. Hi thanks to David Walton to all his help and everything he’s done for the server!
    Please can i be a moderator for stickypiston?
    Only a question if not no worries.
    Thanks once again for everything.

    • Thanks crazypringle, you are a top customer.
      There’s no moderator jobs at the moment, I will let you know if there are.

      Stay Crafty

      AKA eonic

  4. This company has exceptional customer service. Every time I’ve caused a problem with my server, they’ve gone out of their way tor research what I was doing and fix it. They have a tendency to clean up my whole mess with one fell swoop! Definitely worth the price for that exceptional customer service. Thanks Stickypiston!

    • They are not cracked as the servers are opensource, in the server properties you can run the servers in offline mode, this would allow people with non premium minecraft accounts to join the server.

  5. I am getting a server, when I pay will it give me a server as well as host it, plus can I get plugins? Plus when I get one, can I get one for one month, then when that runs out not pay again til i want a server again

    • When you rent a server you will get full control of the server through the multicraft control panel. We host the server for you. Servers are rented on a monthly basis, if at the end of the month you don’t want it you can put a cancellation request in.

      We also have a 14 day money back guarantee, if you are not happy within the 14 days you can cancel your server and ask for your money back.

      Stay Crafty

  6. I want a minecraft server that’s 24/7, has bukkit commands like factions and mcmmo, is public and has no more than 15 slots. I want this to be public so my friends can play and so can everyone else that wants to on planet minecraft and explorer pro, is this right? I heard about this from one of the servers I get on that runs sticky pistons hosting. I don’t know anyting about hosting a minecraft server. literally. please respond I need to know about servers please.

    • Hi John,
      All our servers are 24/7 ✓
      You can install plugins from out plugin list, which has factions and mcMMO ✓
      By sharing your ip with your friends they can join your server ✓
      If you want to advertise it on Planet Minecraft be careful, yes you can do that ✓
      You don’t need to know too much, you’ll learn over time and we can help you ✓

      if you have any more questions email support@stickypiston.co

      • Thanks, sorry late reply. I also noticed something. On the homepage, it says that 12 slot, and 18 slot servers have plugin support, but when i click on them to look more in depth, it doesn’t say “Plugin Support”, just “Bukkit and Vanilla Server”. And is the list of plugins the only ones I can get? I want donator groups like Donor, Mod, Admin, God, Co Owner, and Owner. I also wanted a plugin which lets me make portals? I don’t know what it’s called, but I know that it lets me make portals to let’s say, Creative Plots, or a Hunger Games map?

    • Hi Tacticalpha,

      You have one click installation and updates in the control Panel, we keep a list of 55 essential plugins up to date, such as… Factions, mcMMO, Citizens, WorldEdit and many more.

      Then there’s BukGet plugin installer, this allows you to install all the Bukkit plugins.

      Hope you see you soon on our servers :) …Stay Crafty

  7. Me again, I was wondering if my server could become vanilla again? Thanks for all the help by the way! Loving the service and server!

    • Too kind Taz XD
      Just go to say Taz is one of the busiest Server Owners we have at StickyPiston. As remarkable as it sounds he runs 3 servers with us! not forgetting a website too…

      Keep up the great work mate.

      Stay Crafty,


  8. hi there
    i just want to say, that stickypiston hosting is amazing!
    and I would highly recomend it to someone who is looking to get a server.

  9. I can honestly say that Sticky Piston have given me the best experience for running a Minecraft server, David is an absolute legend, and both he and the support team are extremely helpful if you need any help, either with advice or with recovering from a serious server crash. Sticky Piston is my first and only choice for running minecraft servers (including tekkit, bukkit, feed-the-beast etc…), they are fast, reliable and are updated regularly, and the server control panel puts you in _complete_ control of your server(s). It is easy to add mods and maintenance is a breeze.

    My thanks go to the Sticky Piston team, and to David especially, for running an excellent, reliable and friendly service. Thanks guys :)

  10. hi,

    My brother and i have heard exceptional reviews about Sticky Piston, and have chosen to get a server here. However when you come to ordering the server you have to put in a Minecraft username. I was wondering if it would be possible to put both are usernames down as we will be both paying for the server.

    Many Thanks

  11. I have a server that is currently hosted on MCProHosting and they have something so I can make mini-accounts for my admins and co-owners so that they can access my server control panel. Is this feature also available with StickyPiston? If not you should add it.

    • MCProHosting and StickyPiston use the same Multicraft control panel that allows co-owners to have an account so they can control the server, all you need to do is send us a ticket and we will add the extra user to the control panel.

  12. I just can’t believe how lag-free the servers are! On all the other hosting sites I’ve tried, the lag was unbearable. Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, when i was messing around on the test server, I dug a hole straight down and found diamond. So, sometimes being defiant can be VERY rewarding. So, yeah, What are the chances of THAT? So anyways, I’m wondering if you guys have prepaid cards or something I can pay with cash with because I don’t have a credit card ;(

    • You’re one lucky guy finding a diamond that quick, if you dig right don you never know what you will find…

      Sorry we don’t support prepaid cards with PayPal, this is not our choice though something PayPal does.

      If it is any consolation you can take up residence on the test server and if anything does not work just open a support ticket and we’ll help you out.

  13. I Haven’t purchased a server yet but i was wondering if you could install permissions ex and do the config instead of group manager and if you could install some of the plugins i would like to use. Thanks in advanced.

    • We can install the plugins you would like, just send support a list you would like.

      As for Permissions ex, we haven’t a default config for this plugin, though we have one for GroupManager already setup and ready to go.

  14. I tried the test servers, and I love this! I am hoping to get a server for Christmas, and I REALLY want to be hosted by StickyPiston!

    Also, I play on Einshine’s server regularly, and I automaticly note how little lag there is while there are massive builds, NPC’s, and more.

    • Cheers WolfBlood1001, you know 2015 is all about the 1.8! Spigot 1.8 is available and updated plugins should be sorted by then, hope to see you soon. If you see eonic on SWC say hi to him.