Project Architect Server Hosting

Project Architect Server Hosting

  • 9GB Min RAM
  • Curse Modpack Launcher
  • 1.9 Latest Version
  • 1.16.5 MC Version
  • 14-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • 24hr Free Trial Server
  • Premium Support Included
  • Instant Server Setup

Get a quicker way to start into the building of Modded

Project Architect aims to ease up on the player’s mining to get straight into building.

  • Create a new Construction Wand to allow for placement of multiple blocks in a row, making building much easier
  • Explore over 80 magical, realistic, and breathtaking biomes and discover what makes the world of Oh The Biomes You’ll Go so enjoyable
  • Give yourself a little haste to being immune to poison with all the Lost Trinkets you’re going to collect from doing the simplest of tasks
  • Architect’s Palette brings in a collection of blocks for you to discover and implement into your more quirky and crazy builds

Enjoy building your major creations as Project Architect gives you access to get into creating without much grinding. The main focus of this modpack is ProjectE, a mod designed around Energy-Matter Covalence (EMC) which allows you to break down unwanted items to create new items you’ll want to use. With this in mind, you’ll be able to get into mods like Refined Storage to finally learn how it is to properly develop storage and refining a taste in organization. You’ll also be able to experiment with the Macaw’s Modded Series to see what doors and furniture properly fit within the comforts of your home base.

Start your Curse Project Architect server trial

  • Choose from 804+ modpacks from your modded library, the adventure never ends!
  • Can’t find a modpack? Just ask, we’ll add it to the one-click installer.
  • Made your own modpack? We’ll build you a custom server in minutes.
  • Install & swap servers instantly with our "Click & Play Installer".
  • Unlimited and free modpack updates including testing and fixes.
  • Server crashed? Send us a ticket and we can fix it 99.9% of the time.
  • A dedicated support team that can explain optimisations, carry out requests and help you understand your server better.

CurseForge Lag & JAVA Arguments

Memory Requirements & Player Slots

  • Memory Guideline
    To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 9GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering 10GB or more. You won't know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on. Don't worry you can quickly upgrade your memory as your server grows. Follow this guide if you need to upgrade.

  • Recommended Max Players is our best guess on how many slots gives good performance per GigaByte of memory. It relates to how many players can join before running into lag or out-of-memory errors. Newer servers with lots of mods/plugins will have less players per GB, you won't know exactly how many players until your server gets busy. You have Unlimited Slots, set this in the control panel, use your slots wisely. It's a guideline not set in bedrock!
Hosting Packages 1-2GB 3-4GB 5-16GB
Suitable for hosting Friends & Family
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Small Modpacks (1.4.7 - 1.19.4)
Growing Community
Minecraft PC/MAC, Bukkit, Spigot
Medium Modpacks (1.7.10 - 1.19.4)
Larger Communities
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Larger Modpacks or more Players
Premium Support Included

Instant Setup Unlimited Modpack Updates Unlimited Slots Monitored/Managed Service

One-Click Installer Install/Switch between up to 4 Minecraft instances on one server. More about Click and Play installer.
Server Locations Choose from 6 server locations USA Canada UK France Singapore Australia
Custom Modpack Server Modpack Server built with your mods & configs at no extra cost. Start your own Custom Modpacks today.
Supported Launchers Minecraft JAVA Edition (Windows/Mac/Linux) - CurseForge/Twitch - Feed The Beast FTB - ATLauncher - Technic
Minecraft Maps Play 2747+ Minecraft Maps Host Minigame nights with friends. One-Click Install, join in under 30 seconds

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Why Choose StickyPiston Hosting?

  • Premium Support Included (not an extra cost)
  • DDoS Protection & Offsite Backups
  • One-Click Multiservers, Swap 100's Modpacks & Maps
  • Dedicated Support Staff who know what they're doing