Tekkit 1.6.4 Server Hosting

by Technic Pack

Technic Pack Tekkit 1.6.4 Modpack Hosting

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Tekkit 1.6.4 Server Hosting A New Frontier

This is Tekkit’s incredible update, this has been in the pipeline for sometime, Tekkit is being blasted into a new dimension with the Galacticraft by micdoodle8, travel to different planets. MineFactory Reloaded, automate everything! Farm, ranch, and build crazy conveyor belt networks! Thermal Expansion Dozens of factory improvements: ore processing, energy conduits, and liquiducts. Dimensional Doors Create your very own pocket dimension.

Tekkit it to be fully-updated to Minecraft 1.6.4 there are so many changes under the hood. New mods have been added and some old some old favourites have been sidelined. Don’t worry their replacements will bring a smile to your face even after having your favourite toys ripped from your bare mining hands..

The countdown has finished get ready the launch the new improved Tekkit 1.6.4 …time to blast off…

If you are looking for Tekkit Classic Hosting head over here.

Tekkit for Minecraft 1.6.4 Trailer and Interview

Tekkit updated to Minecraft 1.6.4. This is a two part video – a teaser of the amazing mods included in the new Tekkit, and an interview with the people who brought you Technic, the Technic Platform, Tekkit Classic, and Tekkit.

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Unlimited Choice

  • The adventure never ends, choose from 500+ modpacks in our library.
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Fool-proof Interface

  • Install & swap modpacks instantly with our "One-click Installer".
  • Unlimited and free modpack updates including testing and fixes.
  • Server crashed? Send us a ticket and we can fix it 99.9% of the time.
  • Complete smart device compatibility - Manage your server anywhere.

Total Peace of Mind

  • Custom modpack support is what we do. Managing and maintaining the technical side so you don’t have to.
  • A dedicated support team that can explain optimisations, carry out requests and help you understand your server better.
  • Server check-ins carried out by human beings that ensure you stay lag and crash free.
  • Your world is important to us, off-site backups ensure it’s in safe hands.

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Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Small Modpacks (1.4.7 - 1.6.4)
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Medium Modpacks (1.7.10 - 1.14.2)
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Available Modpacks 48 164 268 276 286+
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Instant Setup Unlimited Modpack Updates Unlimited Slots Monitored/Managed Service

One-Click Installer Install/Switch between up to 3 different Minecraft instances on one server. How-to install MultiServers.
Custom Modpack Server Modpack Server built with your mods & configs at no extra cost. Learn how with your 6 step modpack video guide.
Supported Launchers Minecraft JAVA Edition (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Curse/Twitch - FTB Legacy - ATLauncher - Technic - VoidWrath
Server Locations Choose from 6 server locations USA Canada UK France Germany Australia

Servers Mods List

Click to find out more about Tekkit 1.6.4 minecraft server modpack.
  • Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2
  • Backpacks by Eydamos
  • Balkons Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha
  • Jar modification Mods
  • Big Reactors by Erogenous Beef
  • bspkrs Core by bspkrs
  • BuildCraft by SpaceToad/Krapht/SirSengir
  • Buildcraft Additional Pipes by Flow86
  • Buildcraft: Logistic Pipes by RS485 and LP Team
  • CalclaviaCore by Calclavia
  • MFFS by Calclavia
  • Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper
  • ChickenChunks by chicken_bones
  • CodeChickenCore by chicken_bones
  • codechickenlib by ChickenBones
  • CoFH Core by KingLemmingCoFH
  • ComputerCraft by dan200
  • Dimensional Anchors by immibis
  • Dimensional Doors by StevenRS11
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 by Pahimar
  • EnderStorage by Ecu/chicken_bones
  • extracells by M3GA
  • ExtraUtils by RWTema
  • Forge Multipart by Chicken Bones
  • Galacticraft by micdoodle8
  • Galacticraft-planets by micdoodle8
  • Greg's Lighting by Greg Ewing
  • Immibis Core by immibis
  • Immibis Microblocks by immibis
  • Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
  • Iron Chests by cpw
  • LegacyJavaFixer by LexManos
  • MineFactory Reloaded by Powercrystals
  • MPS Addons by Andrew2448/Eximius88
  • Mystcraft by XCompWiz
  • Not Enough Items by chicken_bones
  • Not Enough Items: Plugins by Mystaqur
  • Nether Ores by Powercrystals
  • OpenCCSensors by Cloudy and Mikee
  • Open Mods Lib by Mikeemoo
  • Open Peripheral by Mikee
  • Open Peripheral Addons
  • Powercrystals Core by Powercrystals
  • Project Bench by _bau5
  • Project: Red by Mr. TJP and Chicken Bones
  • qCraft by dan200
  • RedstoneArsenal by Team CoFH
  • Redstone In Motion by jakj
  • Rei's Minimap by ReiFNSK
  • Simply Jetpacks by Tonius11
  • Steve's Carts by Vswe
  • Thermal Expansion by KingLemmingCoFH
  • Trade Booth by aeroc
  • Treecapitator by DaftPVF and bspkrs
  • Atomic Science by Calclavia
  • ue-core
  • Modular Power Suits ue-mps by MachineMuse
  • Vending Block by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN
  • Waila by ProfMobius
  • Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition by chicken_bones
* Disabled Mods, some mods are disabled by default, This is how you enable disabled mods.

Memory Requirements & Player Slots

  • Memory Guideline
    To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 2GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering 3GB or more. You won't know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on. Don't worry you can quickly upgrade your memory as your server grows. Follow this guide if you need to upgrade.

  • Recommended Max Players is our best guess on how many slots gives good performance per GigaByte of memory. It relates to how many players can join before running into lag or out-of-memory errors. Newer servers with lots of mods/plugins will have less players per GB, you won't know exactly how many players until your server gets busy. You have Unlimited Slots, set this in the control panel, use your slots wisely. It's a guideline not set in bedrock!

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