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Feed the Beast FTB Server Hosting in Europe, UK and the USA, this is the Swiss army knife of modded servers. You can choose from all the available FTB Modpacks in your FTB Launcher. The only problem is which Modpack to choose! need some help, start with the FTB Server Wiki for help! Before you go any further, we offer managed hosting where we install, re-install and upgrade servers. All you need to do is send us a support ticket asking for an upgrade. And if you need help with plugin install or just need some advise, get in touch. Start by choosing your location then choose the Modpack you want to play. FTB servers are instant setup, there is no setup fee and we don’t sting you with extra charges for modded servers and premium support.

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Instant setup, No Extra Costs or Waiting… Unlimited upgrades & Reinstalls …Not forgetting Support Included

Dedicated RAM 1GB1.5GB2GB2.5GB3GB4GB5GB6GB7GB8GB
Monthly Cost $10$15$20$25$30$40$50$60$70$80
* Recommended Max Players 242430364860728496

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    • Hi vampire5000,
      We don’t have a public server for FTB yet, so i can not whitelist you. Sorry. That’s a good idea, if you check back later we will put up a test server.

      You can order a Feed the Beast server from us, then you can whitelist you and everyone else.

    • There’s not much chance 256Mb will run Feed the Beast, with all the mods it loads into memory. You would need to get a 1GB server to run FTB properly. Anything less than 1GB will cause the server to run out of memory, and possibly crash.

  1. hey. I am looking to rent a tekkit server, but I already have a map I have spent a number of hours on. Could I transplant the map onto the server? Furthermore if I got a small server, to begin with, would I be able to upgrade to a bigger one in the future without losing any data?

  2. Hi, i was just wondering something. Well here i go!
    Am i able to choose from the different versions of feed the beast and do it without a charge?
    can i swap from feedthebeast to tekkit?

    • Not at the moment Cael, you need at least 1GB to run a Tekkit server with out memory problems, the 1GB package handles 12 players. We can make it so only 6 people of your friends can connect. Ask us to do that when you order it.

  3. hello i was wondering what update of tekkit lite your servers are running coz i have a server and i cant get on plz reply asap

  4. Hi, I currently host my Tekkit world using a different server. My friends and I wanted to switch to Voltz, but my current server is unable to accommodate this.

    Is it possible to host a Voltz game on this? I would buy in an instant if that were the case.

    • Hi Karl,
      We do host Voltz servers, when you place an order choose the Zoltz Modpack from server type drop down. We setup all the servers manually, which are normally setup within the hour.

      Thanks, I will make it more obvious we do Voltz servers.

    • Hey mxwesty, your server should be lag free since we use high quality servers in a secure Datacenter. The only issue you could have is client lag, where your internet connection is a little slow, the majority of lag problems come down to this. We have servers in Europe and the US, when ordering we will put you on the correct server.

      The only other thing that can lag out your FTB server is what machines you build on your server, if it built them wrong you can lag out your server. We have an expert suport team who can help you fix these problems.

        • Hooking them up wrong, where you are putting lots of entities into a loop or dropping them on to the map.

          There is a physical limit to the amount of machines a server can handle, nothing unlimited. Also if you have too many world anchors with many machine running can cause problems, because chunks are loaded while you are not on the server, best way to find out is try for yourself 😉

  5. Hi, me and my friend have a tekkit classic server going. Im hosting, but want to add more of my friend but dont have the internet to do so. Could i play the world im on now on one of your guys servers? thanks!

    • Hi Otto,
      Our 1GB Tekkit servers allow you to have up to 12 players online at a time. When you place your order you can upload your map using FTP or send us a support email and we can upload it for you.

      What version of Tekkit are your running Dev or Recommended? we can install either for you.

    • You could switch between them, though it would have to be switched manually, this is because the servers Modpacks, Configs and the server jar would need to all change to use FTB.

      Some server owners rent 2 servers from us so they don’t need to do this swapping, which can be a pain in the neck.

  6. Hi there, was thinking about hosting a mine crack ftb server for myself and perhaps 9 friends…and was curious which package you might suggest for a smoothly run server. Would it be cheaper to get the small player slot package then and memory or is the cost the same as if i got one of the larger memory/slot packages?

    Thanks, and if it matters i am in the US but those playing would be from the UK, Australia and the US. Thanks in advance :)

    • Hey There Zullu, FTB Mindcrack servers start at 1GB of RAM, I’ve worked you can comfortably get 12 players on that much RAM, with is running smoothly. You can upgrade your server at any time if you need more ram.

      This is what I love about Minecraft, you end making friends from all over the world.
      We have many US server owners who have their servers in Europe who still have a great gaming experience, I can do a ping test from the US and EU servers to work out which will be best for you and your friends. If it does not work out in one location I can move you to another.

    • We do support custom Modpacks, all you need to do is open a support ticket and we can install a custom mod for you. I noticed TechnicPack now have contributed mod packs now, which look really cool.

  7. Is it possible to add my own mods to my server that are not in the selected mod pack list? Such as, if I find a mod I like, that is not in the modpacks, how would I add it to my server if I even could? Just wondering if I even could, and if so, how?

  8. We are a small server of just 6 people. we are geting sick of the guy hosting it it lagg as hell at time
    but 20.97$ is to much for us 12 slots we need 6. We are asking if you can make something like that but for have the slot and have the money. If you can plz send me a email back we would relly like if you could

    • Hi RiverDorn,
      That’s a shame about your current hosting set up, lag is down to badly maintained servers and also distance from the server, which is client lag. We have server in the EU & US to reduce server latency.

      To run Tekkit Lag free you will need as a minimum of 1GB of RAM, anything less will cause problem, such as running out of RAM. Forget about the price, we are not the cheapest , but have quality support, great hardware and a fantastic community.

      Hope to see you soon.

      Stay Crafty,


  9. Thanks for the great hosting. Quick response time to server issues and all the great help as defiantly made me glad I picked you guys to host for my friends and I. Would happily recommend this site for hosting to anyone that asked me.

  10. Thanks soo much for the great host, me and my friends play on it with no lag! also thank you for installing those awesome plugins keep up the amazing work

  11. Hey guys, just looking around at the moment but I have a few questions, Im currently running the DW20 FTB pack and am experiencing a lot of lag, will I be able to upload my current world to the server and have it running and will this cure my lag issues?..

    Cheers knightwolf153

  12. I am trying to get an FTB server with the Direwolf20’s mod-pack for me and 4 of my other friends, so I was wondering what the best package for us would be?

    P.S. Its only us 5, but a few of us tend to do quite a lot of damage to the server as they are addicted to the machines and redstone.

    • 1 more question can u install other mod on top of the mod pack and how whould the other players on the server join whould they hafta dl it or ?

      • You could install other mods on top of a modpack, if you are experienced and are ready to fight with all the block ID conflicts you will experience, as for letting other players know about the extra mods and config changes you would need to communicate that to them. Most people use dropbox to host their modpack changes. We will not make changes to existing modpacks though can give you advice on doing this.

  13. hey, i recently started hiring a server from mcpowerhosting, and they had my server up instantly! however, i have had a lot of problems trying to upgrade to a ftb server. so i have a few questions before purchasing a server. 1. Will the server be up instantly? 2. Will i have to upload all the FTB server files and configure them? 3. How quickly do you reply to any help requests, as mcpowerhosting took forever to reply.

    • Hey there, great questions Callum. Your server will be up within a couple of minutes of placing the order, by the time you boot up the client and put your IP in it should be ready. All the servers come already configured, just choose the server you would like provisioning while ordering.

      We also offer unlimited upgrades and reinstalls, as it can be a little tricky for some servers.
      As for a reply it really depends on the time of the day, our core support times are from 10am to about midnight.

      For modded servers there is no setup fee!

  14. Don’t suppose you guys have an ETA on an official FtB pack for 1.6.4? In the same vein as Unleashed and Unhinged. I really want to get a server but I wanted to use one of the big main packs and presumed, since there’s 1.6.4 beta packs out, that another set of official packs was coming. If they are I’d rather wait for those than start in a 1.5 pack and have to deal with upgrading later and the associated map problems that usually entails. Cheers in advance.

    • No we haven’t, when it arrives we will add it right away. We are supporting all the FTB beta packs, which you can order now, some have already been promoted to release.

      Visit their Development server and you will see what modpacks they are working on at the moment and what versions they are currently on.

      If you order a server we can update it as new versions of the modpack are released, this is a free and unlimited service where we do installs and upgrades. just drop us a support ticket and we have it normally upgraded within a working day.

      • Quick follow up question, I noticed when I went to order that there was 3GB written next to the Monster pack for FtB. Is that a required minimum purchase or recommended? Would there be any downsides to running that pack on a smaller server? And what would you guys recommend be run on a 1 or 1.5gb server? Cheers again.

        • The modpack is huge! It is recommended by the FTB team you use 3GB for this server, you could get away with 1.5GB though you may experience block lag and other memory related issues. the smaller 1.6.4 modpacks and 1.5.2 servers are fine to run on 1 – 1.5GB of ram, though if you experience any crashes due to the server running out of memory you should upgrade your server.

  15. do these severs have a dedicated ip i am a little unsure on how the work so if you can let me know would be grea thanks i need as much info as possible as trying to put a sever together for my youtube channel for me and a few frieds

    • The server would not come with a dedicated IP address, though we can point your domain name to the server, such as mc.hardlinegaming.co.uk using an SRV record, this means you would not need to dedicated IP. Once you have placed your order contact support and they will help you get this set up.