Tensura Unleashed Server Hosting

by hungryhippo3460

  • Curse Modpack Launcher
  • 1.3.3 Latest Version
  • 1.16.5 MC Version
  • 6GB Min RAM
Tensura Unleashed Server Hosting
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  • 24hr Free Trial Server
  • Premium Support Included
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Learn the rules of Reincarnation and understand your life all over again

Tensura Unleashed has you opt into a world that you might find familiar, but filled with different creatures you’ve never seen before, including yourself.

  • Bottle Your XP by simply sneak-right clicking on an empty bottle, allowing you to create a bottle of enchanting. Just be careful not to hurt yourself in the process
  • Craft up a Structure Compass, an item that can help you with locating various different structures inside a 300 block radius from where you currently are
  • Preserving enchantments into books, the DisenchantingForge prevents you from ever having all your enchantments gone so if you have a useful enchantment on one item that can also be transferred to another, it can be preserved
  • The Overloaded Armor Bar changes the standard armor value to go over 20 similar to how other mods increase the health bar when getting health boosts over the standard ten hearts

Basing itself off Tensura (The Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime), Tensura Unleashed has you journey and discover various different reincarnations for every death you get, making your adventures much more interesting than the last. Using the Tensura Mod, you’ll be able to reincarnate into something fantastical like a goblin, a slime, a demon, and many more that can be found far from what you normally see in your usual Minecraft adventure. You’ll be able to venture out and see other types of creatures similar to you possibly wielding old-school weapons from the Greek days using Spartan Shields or Spartan Weaponry. Their weapons aren’t anything compared to yours however as you can forge Tinkers’ Construct tools that can easily blow back their weapons, while also still having the ability to work with these other creatures to take down powerful beasts.

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Memory Requirements & Player Slots

  • Memory Guideline
    To avoid lag or memory errors, order a minimum of 6GB of memory. If you are playing with friends or planning on hosting a public server consider ordering 7GB or more. You won't know your exact requirements until you start building and getting more players on. Don't worry you can quickly upgrade your memory as your server grows. Follow this guide if you need to upgrade.

  • Recommended Max Players is our best guess on how many slots gives good performance per GigaByte of memory. It relates to how many players can join before running into lag or out-of-memory errors. Newer servers with lots of mods/plugins will have less players per GB, you won't know exactly how many players until your server gets busy. You have Unlimited Slots, set this in the control panel, use your slots wisely. It's a guideline not set in bedrock!
Hosting Packages 1-2GB 3-4GB 5-16GB
Suitable for hosting Friends & Family
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Small Modpacks (1.4.7 - 1.6.4)
Growing Community
Minecraft PC/MAC, Bukkit, Spigot
Medium Modpacks (1.7.10 - 1.15)
Larger Communities
Minecraft JAVA Edition, Bukkit, Spigot
Larger Modpacks or more Players
Available Modpacks 48 164 268 276 286+
Premium Support Included

Instant Setup Unlimited Modpack Updates Unlimited Slots Monitored/Managed Service

One-Click Installer Install/Switch between up to 3 different Minecraft instances on one server. How-to install MultiServers.
Custom Modpack Server Modpack Server built with your mods & configs at no extra cost. Learn how with your 6 step modpack video guide.
Supported Launchers Minecraft JAVA Edition (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Curse/Twitch - FTB Legacy - ATLauncher - Technic - VoidWrath
Server Locations Choose from 6 server locations USA Canada UK France Germany Australia

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