Your Server is Alive!

We keep copies of every Minecraft server world we have ever hosted. That includes yours.
If you are here then you are probably wondering what you can do with these files.
The three options are just below, we recommend you read the descriptions of each choice before you decide.

Download your World

A download of your server files can be easily arranged with the technical team.
All you need to do is open a support ticket and they will locate your files and send you a secure download link so that you can continue playing at home.

Delete your World

We understand the concern of having your data stored by companies and want to assure you that your server files do not contain personal information from the billing and accounts system. They do contain your worlds, achievements, builds and player logs.
If you are certain that you do not want your server files safely stored with us, then you can request they be removed by opening a support ticket.

Restore your World

If you would like to check out your world and decide whether to save or delete it, that is possible with a complimentary three day server that we can set up and host for you.
Again, this can be easily done by the technical team when you open a support ticket.

Open Support Ticket

Why Choose StickyPiston Hosting?

  • Premium Support Included (not an extra cost)
  • DDoS Protection & Offsite Backups
  • One-Click Multiservers, Swap 100's Modpacks & Maps
  • Dedicated Support Staff who know what they're doing