Installing Factions plugin

The MassiveCraft Factions is a popular PVP plugin allowing your to claim land, build bases, expand and raid other Factions. Since this is a popular plugin we have produced this guide on how to install it. To install the factions plugin you need to install 3 plugins and not just the Factions plugin this includes Essentials and mcore.

Installing the Factions plugins


  1. Log into the control panel
  2. Click Files > Bukkit Plugins
  3. Type Factions in the Plugin Name field and press enter
  4. Click the link that says Factions
  5. Then click install and wait for it to comaplte its install
  6. Click back and then search for mcore and install this like you did with Factions
    mcore is a library file required to run Factions
  7. Now search for Essentials and install this too
  8. Once you have done this click back then restart your server to create all the configuration files

Adding the Faction prefix to your chat

  1. To add the prefix for Factions you need to add the chat formatting to essentials config file
  2. You need to edit the config file by clicking Files > Config Files
  3. Now search for the plugins/Essentials/config.yml file
  4. Click the config.yml link
  5. Now search the document for the EssentialsChat section
  6. replace the format: '<{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}' with 

    format: '<{factions_roleprefix}&r{factions_name|rp}&r{DISPLAYNAME}&r> {MESSAGE}'

    Make sure you have 4 spaces before it otherwise you will get a formatting error.
  7. Click the save button
  8. Now click back and restart your server.

Factions resources

Players guide to Factions
Owners Guide to Factions

Ultimate Guide to Factions


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