Exception getting block type in world (world.gen biomesoplenty)

If your crash report references 'net.minecraft.world.gen.' early in the stack trace and your server has the Biomes'O'Plenty mod, the crash is likely being caused by a rare conflict between mods that change how world generation works.

Some mods alter the contents of villages, by spawning modded blocks inside them. These can conflict with other mods that add modded blocks to the world. This type of conflict does not get handled and the server crashes.

You can try resolving the issue by removing that particular village and letting the server re-create it. You can do this by opening the file /world/data/BOPVillage.dat in NBTExplorer and removing the offending village by deleting the node:


Where Xc,Zc are the absolute chunk co-ordinates where the village is located. You can find the chunk you want from the crash report in the '-- Requested block coordinates --' section (absolute chunk co-ordinates in bold):

Location: World: (1605,62,769), Chunk: (at 5,3,1 in 100,48; contains blocks 1600,0,768 to 1615,255,783), Region: (3,1; contains chunks 96,32 to 127,63, blocks 1536,0,512 to 2047,255,1023)

Step by Step

  1. Stop your server
  2. Download the file /world/data/BOPVillage.dat
  3. Open the file in NBTExplorer
  4. Locate the node for the chunk: BOPVillage.dat/data/Features/[Xc,Zc]
  5. Highlight the node and delete it by pressing the 'Delete' key or clicking the red cross in the toolbar
  6. Save your changes by clicking the disk icon
  7. Re-upload BOPVillage.dat back to your server, overwrite the existing file
  8. Restart your server

If that doesn't work?

When the village is re-created, it is still clashing with Biomes'O'Plenty. You can try removing the village again and again to see if it will generate a village that doesn't clash. The alternative is to delete just the nodes inside the BOPVillage.dat/data/Features/[Xc,Zc]/Children/ node. This will stop the server trying to place any village items at all, yet retains the village reference so it doesn't try to re-create it.

Attack of the B-Team 1.0.12a

Because of this bug, Attack of the B-Team has removed village spawning completely from version 1.0.12a. If you have upgraded from an older version of the modpack then you may have villages that have been created for chunks that have not yet been generated. You can either address each problem village as they arise, or you could simply delete /world/data/BOPVillage.dat and get rid of them all.

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