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How To Upload and Download Files with FTP Access

FTP Access is an area of Server management that can sometimes raise questions and cause some confusion among users who are new to it’s processes. This guide will take you through the basics of how to access your server files directly and covers the usage of the Multicraft control panel’s FTP access as well as how to use third party software. In this case we use Filezilla .


  1. Using the Multicraft FTP client
    1. Logging In
    2. Navigation
    3. Modifying files
    4. Adding Files and Folders
    5. Uploading Files
    6. Downloading Files
  2. Using an FTP client (Filezilla)
    1. Download Filezilla
    2. Log in Using Quickconnect
    3. Setting up your Server in the Site Manager
    4. Filezilla Basic Functions
  3. “Unknown Certificate”
  4. Further Reading and External Links
  5. StickyPiston Support

Using the Multicraft FTP client

Logging In

  1. Open the Multicraft server panel. (This displays the pack logo, player slots, RAM usage and other items)
  2. Click on FTP File Access in the navigation panel on the left.
    FTP File Access link
  3. Enter your Multicraft password and click on the Login button.
    FTP Password and details

Once you are logged into the Multicraft FTP panel you will see a screen like the one pictured below. There are many functions available through the navigation panels.

Multicraft FTP Panel

  • Click on a directory to view its contents.
  • Click on Up to move up a level within your Minecraft server Files.
  • Click on the Name , Type , Size , & Mod Time column headers to sort the directory listing by those attributes.
  • Click on a file name (The page icon) to download the file.

Modifying files

  • Text files can be edited by clicking on the Edit link in the far right column.
    Edit File
  • Select files using the checkboxes in the first column.
    FTP Checkboxes
  • Click the Move button to move selected files and folders to another folder.
  • Click the Delete button to remove selected files and folders.
  • Click the Copy button to make a copy of the selected files and folders.
  • Click on the Rename button to rename selected files and folders.
    Rename move and Remove
  • Use the All column header to check or uncheck all the files in the list.

Adding Files and Folders

  • Click on New dir to add a new folder to the directory you are currently viewing.
  • Click on New file to add a text file to the directory you are currently viewing.

Create Directory or File

Uploading Files

  1. Click on the Upload link to be taken to the Upload tool.
    Upload Files
  2. The new file location will default to the directory you were viewing when you clicked Upload . Use the List button to change it.
  3. To upload a file , click the Choose File button under Files . Click the Add another link to add more than one file.
  4. You can also add archive files (eg. .zip , .rar ) Using the Choose file under Archives . These files will be uploaded and then extracted to the target directory.
    This is helpful for plugins or mods with multiple files as well as uploading worlds.
  5. Click on Submit to initiate the upload.
    On some internet browsers you will be able to see the progress of the upload in the lower left hand corner of the window.

Upload Tool Page

Downloading Files

  1. Find the file(s) you would like to download.
  2. If you want to download a folder, or multiple files, select all of them with the check boxes on the left of the list.
    If you want to download a single file, just click the name of the file in the list and it will start to download. Once it's done downloading, you're done with these steps.
    Multicraft FTP download files and folders
  3. Once all of the files you want have been selected, press the Zip button at the top of the list.
    Multicraft FTP Zip controls
  4. Give the archive a name you will recognize, then hit Submit.
  5. Find the archive you just created in the FTP list, then click the name of the file and your download should start.

Using an FTP client (Filezilla)

There are a few programs available that can provide full FTP access to your server. In this instance we will use Filezilla to showcase the process of connecting and accessing your server files and folders, the process is pretty similar for most FTP clients, finer details (like what menu you need to find) may be different though.

Download Filezilla

Firstly, you will need to download Filezilla here:
Download Filezilla

Remember to read the steps during download as Filezilla is free and may offer other downloads during it's setup. Make sure to tick or untick each offer as you like to avoid any unwanted software downloads.

Log in Using Quickconnect

  • Once Filezilla is installed, start the program.
  • Enter the Host , Username , Password and Port for your FTP server into the bar at the top and click the Quickconnect button.
    All the information needed can be found on the login screen for the Multicraft FTP panel.
  • Host is the IP address for your server.

FileZilla QuickConnect

Setting up your Server in the Site Manager

There are two ways to add your server to the Filezilla Site Manager.

Use the FileZilla XML Import file:

If you want all the details to be entered into your server manager automatically, follow our guide on how to use the FileZilla XML Import File .
Note: Using this method, you will still need to enter your password into Filezilla. Password is not included in this file for security reasons.

Enter the details manually:

  1. From the menu choose File , then Site Manager... .
    Alternatively click on the first icon in the toolbar
    FileZilla Site Manager
  2. Click on the New Site button and rename the entry to something that is obvious what it is, something like Survival Minecraft Server .
  3. In the General tab on the right, enter the Host IP and Port values.
  4. Change the Logon Type to Normal and enter the Username and Password .
  5. Click OK
  6. To connect, either open the Site Manager and double click the server name on the left hand panel or select the server from the dropdown arrow next to the Site Manager icon on the main toolbar.

Filezilla Connection Manager

Filezilla Basic Functions

Filezilla is split into a few different panels.

  • The panels on the left hand side refer to a Local site and these are the files on your home PC.
  • The panels on the right hand side refer to a Remote site and these are the files on your Server.
  • Any transfers will appear in the bottom panel under Queued files .

Filezilla Panels

  • Double clicking a file on either side will upload/download a copy to the open directory on the other. Alternately, you can drag and drop files between the panels.
  • You can also queue files for transfer by right clicking and selecting the Add Files to Queue option.
  • The Queued files can be transferred by:
    1. Clicking Transfer in the top toolbar and selecting Process Queue from the menu.
    2. Pressing Ctrl+P , on your keyboard.
    3. Right clicking the Queued files panel and choosing Process Queue .
  • Queued items can be removed by right clicking on them and selecting Remove Selected .

Getting an Unknown Certificate Alert

Because we use FTPS (A secure connection) your software may raise a warning that states Unknown Certificate .

Unknown Certificate

If this happens to you, you can tick the box labelled Always trust certificate in future sessions to prevent you from having to verify it every time. Once the box is ticked, click Ok to proceed with connecting.

StickyPiston Support

If this guide has not fixed your Minecraft server issues please open a support ticket and our dedicated team will be in touch.

Open Support Ticket

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