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Login Problems

FTP & File Sharing (1)

Login problems and solutions for FTP and File Sharing services

Modded Logins (2)

Login problems and solutions for modded Minecraft and Plugin services

Multicraft Panel (2)

Login problems and solutions for the Multicraft control panel

Vanilla Servers (6)

Login problems and solutions for Vanilla Minecraft and servers

Login Problems Articles

 "Failed to Login: Bad Login" error

Description When you connect to a Minecraft Server, your Minecraft client sends data about your...

 Changing your billing/support email address or Control panel username

To change your billing system email address or your Multicraft control panel Username, you will...

 Crashing on connecting due to holding a bugged item

This article relates to a client crash that is caused by holding a bugged item in the player's...

 How To Connect to a MC:PE (Minecraft : Pocket Edition) Server

This article describes how to connect to a remote server using Minecraft : Pocket Edition.  1:...