How To Connect to a MC:PE (Minecraft : Pocket Edition) Server

This article describes how to connect to a remote server using Minecraft : Pocket Edition. You can order Minecraft : Pocket Edition Server Hosting from us. 

1: Tap the 'Play' button, this will open the 'Play' screen that shows your worlds

2: Tap the 'Edit' button

3: Tap the 'External' button

4: Server Name: Enter the name you want to appear over this world in the Play screen

5: Address: The hostname or IP address of the server you are connecting to. When we send the address of your server to you, it will be in the format - Enter everything before the colon.

6: Port: The port value that your server is listening on. This is the number after the colon in the address that we send you.

7: Tap the 'Add Server' button when you are happy that the details you have entered are correct

8: Your server will be added to the world list on the Play screen. Tap on it to connect to your server


Some servers will have a hostname that is made up of words separated by periods e.g. . Be extra careful when typing these in as predictive text can change words and add spaces.

Some servers may not provide a port value. In this case leave the port value at the default of 19132.
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