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Modpacks & Modded Minecraft Articles

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Map reset script This is a user runnable script that will reset your map to one of the starter...

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Changing the server option in the control panel does not change the server it just chooses a...

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In this guide we will walk through how to install Forge on your Minecraft server and how...

 KCauldron Bukkit plugin support for Forge 1.7.10

For Bukkit plugins to work with modded servers you need to have KCauldron installed on your...

 Reinstalling a modpack on your client

If you are having difficulty connecting to a modded server and you are getting errors like the...

 Server is still starting! Please wait before reconnecting.

If you see this screen when trying to join a server, it just means that the server is still...

 Sponge Plugins and the SpongeForge mod

Bukkit plugins require a modified server Jar file to run. There hasn't been a modified server Jar...

 What is MCPC+ and how do I install MCPC+

This is why you should use MCPC+ with your modded server and how to install MCPC+MCPC+ is God's...