Sponge Plugins and the SpongeForge mod

Bukkit plugins require a modified server Jar file to run. There hasn't been a modified server Jar that supports both Forge mods and Bukkit plugins since Minecraft 1.7.10 meaning there is currently no way to run both mods and plugins on Minecraft 1.12.2.
Sponge is an alternative plugin system and can be installed on Forge modded servers by installing the SpongeForge mod.


  1. Installing SpongeForge
  2. SpongeForge Versions
  3. SpongeForge Limitations
  4. Installing Plugins
  5. Configuring Plugins
  6. StickyPiston Support
  7. Further Reading and External Links

Installing SpongeForge

You can download SpongeForge from the Sponge site here:

You can then upload the file to the mods folder on your server using FTP

SpongeForge Versions

The SpongeForge version number is in 3 (or 4) parts:

  • <Minecraft Version>-<Forge Build>-<Sponge API Version>-<Extra Version Info>

So, the version 1.12.2-2768-7.1.5-RC3524 will mean the following:

  • Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
  • Forge Build: 2768
  • Sponge API Version: 7.1.5
  • Extra Version Info: RC3524 - The 4th item is used for alpha, beta and release candidate builds

Make sure to check that the Minecraft version and the Forge Build match the ones that are used on your modded server.

SpongeForge Limitations

There are some limitations to using SpongeForge:

SpongeForge only supports specific builds of Forge

Forge is updated quite rapidly and can introduce changes that can stop SpongeForge from working. So rather than chasing a moving target, SpongeForge is written for specific builds of Forge

The downside to this is that many mods are updated to work with the latest versions of Forge and will not run on earlier versions. You may have difficulty finding a version of Forge that will run your modpack as well as supporting SpongeForge.

SpongeForge may conflict with some Forge mods

SpongeForge is considered a coremod as it changes or overrides some vanilla Minecraft code. There are other coremods that try to change or override the same code as SpongeForge. This can cause errors and will prevent your server from starting.

SpongeForge plugins must be compatible with both the Minecraft version and the Sponge API version you are running

Most plugins are compatible with all supported versions of Minecraft. Some plugins may be restricted to certain Minecraft versions though. Check the documentation for each plugin to see if it this is the case.

The plugin version must be compatible with the Sponge API version. The major version (the first number) must be the same. You may be able to run plugins where the version differs slightly. It's best if the API versions match or that you run a newer version of the API than the plugin requires.

Installing Plugins

You can browse for plugins in the Ore section of the spongepowered.org website:

The plugins can be installed a few places and SpongeForge will find them:

  • mods/plugins/
  • mods/
  • plugins/

We recommend using mods/plugins/ as this plugin location is not used by other plugin or mod systems and so is less confusing.
There are a few mods that must be placed in a specific folder, their documentation will let you know if that is the case

Configuring Plugins

Config files are usually located in the config/ folder. Check each plugin's documentation for more information.

StickyPiston Support

Whether you own a Server with StickyPiston.co or don’t, we are always happy to help with any technical issues you may be having. Open a support ticket with our team and we will be in touch.

Open Support Ticket

Further Reading and External Links

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