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How to: Install OptiFine for Minecraft

Optifine is frequently used to help increase the performance of Minecraft on some computers, this allows you to get smoother gameplay with less lag.

Note: this procedure can be applied to any version of OptiFine and Minecraft, we are using Minecraft 1.13.2 as an example.

Installation Steps

  1. Download Optifine For Minecraft 1.13.2
    Note: The version of Optifine you want to use is Optifine 1.13.2 HD U F5, this is the version is the one that will be downloaded from the above link, for other versions look at OptiFine's download website
  2. Run the JAR file that was downloaded.
  3. Select Install in the window that pops up.
  4. In your Minecraft Launcher, a new profile will be added named OptiFine you will want to use this profile in order for Optifine to work.
    OptiFine 1.13.2 Minecraft Profile

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