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Ordering, Billing & Cancelling

Cancelling (2)

How to cancel servers and recurring payments

Ordering & Paying (7)

How to order servers, manage payments and restore terminated servers

Upgrades & Downgrades (1)

How to order upgrades or downgrades and manage the changes

Ordering, Billing & Cancelling Articles

 Changing your billing/support email address or Control panel username

To change your billing system email address or your Multicraft control panel Username, you will...

 Ordering a Minecraft Server from StickyPiston (FAQ)

Before ordering a server or service from StickyPiston hosting you may have questions. This...

 Recovering a Server that Has Been Terminated

If you do not pay the invoice for your server before the deadline then it will be suspended....

 StickyPiston Service & Support FAQ

Service Questions What kind of Performance and Quality can I expect hosting a Minecraft server...

 StickyPiston Technical FAQ

These are some frequently asked technical questions that we receive. Questions:...

 Your Minecraft Order is Complete

Thank you for choosing StickyPiston Hosting.Your Minecraft server has been created and is ready...