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Your Minecraft Order is Complete

Thank you for choosing StickyPiston Hosting.
Your Minecraft server has been created and is ready to join.

If you're a new server owner or it's your first time with StickyPiston this quick start guide will get you started. These are the main steps you will need to get started.

1. Check your email for the "Your Minecraft Server is Ready" message

When your server has been paid an email will be sent with all your server information, including your server address to connect to, and your Multicraft Control Panel details. Sometimes this email can take a little longer while the payment gateway verifies your order.

This email takes minutes to arrive, if you cannot find it please check your spam folder.
If you've been waiting for longer than 30 minutes please open a support ticket

2. Download and install the game launcher

How-to install Minecraft Windows/Mac Launcher
For the Windows, Mac and Linux download the official Minecraft launcher directly from

How-to install Modpack launcher
Modpacks will not work with the standard Windows/Mac Minecraft launcher, to play modpacks you'll need to get the correct modpack launcher, watch the video guide that matches the server ordered below.

3. Login into your Multicraft Control Panel account

To manage your Minecraft server login to the Multicraft Control Panel.
This is a custom build of Multicraft 2.0, fully tested and supercharged to include many custom StickyPiston modules.

From here you'll be able to:

You can login to Multicraft from the details in your welcome email or visit your Minecraft service page.
Your login password is a random password and can be a little difficult to remember, you can change your Multicraft password by following these instructions to something more memorable.

4. Login to your Client Area

To get full access to your billing and support you will need to login to the client area.

From here you can:

  • Access your server information and login to the control panel
  • Change account information like address or passwords
  • Upgrade your memory as your community grows
  • Order new services like Domain names or another server
  • Open a support ticket to get help with your server
  • Pay due invoices or amend your payment details

Visit the Client Area to take full advantage of these features

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