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How to edit the Server.Properties File

To change your server settings you will need to edit the file, this is found in your top level server folder.
You can edit the following in the server properties file:

  • Difficulty
  • Gamemode
  • Allow Flying
  • Whitelist on/off
  • Spawn monsters
  • Spawn animals
  • Enable command blocks
  • Set the message of the day
  • Set the level seed
  • Set online mode
  • Turn PVP on or off

There are many other options to choose from. This link will take you to the reference guide for all the server properties on the Minecraft wiki .


  1. How to Edit the Server Properties Config File
  2. What if?
    1. What If These Are Not The Options You Are Looking For?
    2. What If The Option Does Not Appear In The File?
    3. What If I Already Have a That I Want To Use?
  3. Further Reading & External Links
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How to Edit the Server Properties Config File

To edit the file you can use FTP or use the Multicraft config editor to edit the .

  1. Log into the Multicraft control panel
  2. Click Edit Server Configuration . From here you can see all the configuration options and what options they accept. This will modify the file for you so that you don't need to worry about making any mistakes while customizing your server .
    Edit Server Configuration
  3. Once you have modified the settings, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Restart your server and the changes will take effect.

What ifs?

These Are Not The Options You Are Looking For

If the options you are looking for are not in the file, it is likely that they are for either a plugin or mod. Plugin and mod configurations can be found in the Config Files menu.

Edit Server Configuration

The Option You Want Isn't in The Server Properties File

Sometimes a server option is not in the config file and you need to manually add it. If it does not appear in the file, it means that Minecraft will load use the default setting.
You can use the Config Files menu in Multicraft to edit the file directly and add the extra config lines in. If you are unsure of how to add lines to your please don't hesitate to open a support ticket.

Edit Server Configuration

I Already Have The Config File

If you already have a file that you would like to upload to your server, you can do so using FTP through Multicraft or an FTP client. Learn how to use the Multicraft FTP in this guide: How to Download and Upload Files using FTP .

StickyPiston Support

Whether you own a server with StickyPiston or don’t, we are always happy to help with any and all issues you may be having. Open a support ticket with our team and we will be in touch.

Open Support Ticket

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