Changing & Upgrading Server (8)

How to change your Bukkit, Spigot or Modded server

FTP Access and Use (3)

Comprehensive Guides covering all aspects of FTP usage on a Server

How to Guides (11)

Short guides on Multicraft functions

One-Click Installer and MultiServers (1)

Guides to cover all the uses for switching between server instances


 1. Quick Start Guide

A set of tasks to help you get started with your new Minecraft Server. To Start/Stop/Restart...

 2. Administering my Server

Questions How do I manage my Minecraft Server? How do I connect to Multicraft? How do I view...

 Create a MySQL database for Bukkit Plugins

Some plugins require the use of a MySQL database. Because of this we have a dedicated database...

 How to Link your Custom Domain to your Minecraft Server using an SRV DNS record

If you have a custom domain name and wish to link it to your Minecraft server so that players can...