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Multicraft login problems

If you have problems logging into your Multicraft Control Panel, there are a few common causes that can all be resolved easily.
If your login is temporarily blocked, you will be able to attempt logging in again after a 5 minute cooldown period.

Common Causes of Login Issues

1. Logging into the wrong Multicraft control panel

There are two control panel locations to maintain smooth quality access for every server owner around the world. Make sure that your server is held and accessed on the location that you are attempting to login to.

European Control Panel

Servers in Europe and the UK are accessed through this panel.
Login to EU Control Panel

USA Control Panel

Servers in the USA, Pacific and Australia are accessed through this panel.
Login to US Control Panel

2. Your username or password may be incorrect

  • If you are unsure of your Multicraft username you can Open a Support Ticket below to request an e-mail containing the correct Multicraft username attached to your client account.

  • If you are unsure of your Multicraft password then follow this article to set a new one:
    Reset your Multicraft Password

3. You have had a server with StickyPiston before

You may see in server information email your password is "Your existing panel password". This is because you have a Multicraft account created when you ordered your previous server. If you don't remember what this password is do the steps in this reset your Multicraft password guide.

4. Internet Explorer Compatibility

On occassion Internet Explorer will not redirect you to your server page.
We are addressing this issue currently and if you use any of the following web browsers they will allow you to see your server page successfully:

StickyPiston Support

If you are still experiencing issues then please open a support ticket with our team and we will be in touch shortly to resolve the problem.

Open Support Ticket

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