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How To: Use Multicraft Commands

Multicraft commands are different from Minecraft commands as they allow actions to be taken from within the server, or have actions that can be scheduled to repeat whenever you want them to.

If you want to schedule commands to take place every so often, you can follow our guide:
Scheduling Tasks for Automated Server Management


  1. What is a Multicraft Command?
  2. What can a Multicraft Command Do?
  3. How to Make a Multicraft Command?

What is a Multicraft Command?

A Multicraft command is a trigger within Multicraft that can cause something to happen in Minecraft, or it can manipulate your Minecraft server files (like taking a backup of your Minecraft world).

What can a Multicraft Command Do?

Multicraft commands have a wide range of functionality, some of which is listed below:

  • Says a message in chat as the server.
  • Creating a backup of the world.
  • Telling the player the current date and time.
  • Starting, stopping, or restarting the server.
  • Running a Minecraft command.

Note: This is not a complete list of all possible uses, just some common ones.
These commands can be very dynamic or very strict in what they do because of the variety of options.

How to Make a Multicraft Command?

The below steps will walk you through how to create a Multicraft command and what each field in the command menu means.

  1. Login to Multicraft and stop your server.
  2. In the left hand menu expand the Advanced category.
  3. In the advanced category, click Commands.
    Multicraft Commands menu entry
  4. This will bring up a list of commands that are already created. StickyPiston has some default ones that we create automatically for every server. On the left side of the screen, select Create Command to make a new command.
    Add Command menu entry in the Command tab of Multicraft
  5. Give the command a name that you will reconize and know what the command does by looking at the name.
  6. If you only want specific users to be able to run the command, select the permission level needed in the Required Role dropdown.
    Note: Any user with the required permission role or higher will be able to run it. (Example: If the required role is set to Moderator, Administrators will be able to run the command as well.
  7. The Prerequisite is the command that must be ran before the command you are editing.
    Example: If you have two commands named command1 and command2, if command2 has command1 in it's Prerequisite field, you would need to run command1 before command2, otherwise the second command will not work at all.
  8. The Chat box is what needs to be typed into chat to tell the command to trigger. This can begin with a / (forward slash) to prevent the chat message from being seen by everyone on the server.
  9. The Response text box is what the command will return to the player who runs the command. This is returned as a whisper, so not everyone will be able to see the response.
  10. The Run text box will run the command given to it as the server, this allows you to do anything in Minecraft that you can image and make, there are also some builtin commands within Multicraft to allow for things like world backups to be started from within the game. If you are wanting this to run a Minecraft command, it cannot start with a forward slash (/).
    Command creation dialogue within Multicraft

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