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How to restore a Minecraft World From a Backup

If you ever need to go back in time with your Minecraft server world, you can do so using one of the world backups.

Our systems automatically take a backup of your world once every day, if you would like more frequent backups than that, you can set them up by using the steps found in our guide:
How to: Setup Scheduled Tasks on Your Server

Restoring a World From a Backup

  1. Log into Multicraft and stop your server.
    Multicraft stop server button for restoring a backup
  2. Before you begin restoring from backups, we would highly recommend renaming your world folder so that it doesn't cause unexpected results. We usually add old_ to the start of each world name before restoring. So if you're world name was world we would change it to old_world. For information on how you can rename your world folder, you can read our guide about how to use FTP file access:
    How To: Use FTP to Upload and Download Files
  3. Select Backup from the menu on the left side of the screen.
    Multicraft Backup menu entry
  4. Click the Restore button on the left side of the screen where the menu was.
    Minecraft World Restore menu
  5. Select which backup you would like to restore from the list and then select Restore at the far right of the list.
    Multicraft World Restore selection screen
  6. Confirm that you want the action to take place by pressing OK in the popup that appears.
  7. Wait for the restoring to finish. You can see if it is finished by going to Console tab of the Multicraft system.
  8. Once the restoring has finished, you can start your server.
    Multicraft Start Server Button

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