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How to set a Coloured MoTD on your Minecraft Server

You may want to add some colour to your motd (the message that displays in the server selection list). This guide will walk you through the steps to change it.


  1. How to Change Your MotD
  2. Colours to Pick From
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  4. Support

How to Change Your MotD

  1. Log into Multicraft and select the server you want to modify.
  2. Select Server Configuration from the menu on the left.
    Server Configuration menu option
  3. Find the Server Message (MOTD) entry and this is what you will want to change.
  4. To change the colour, you need to use a section sign (§), this is frequently very hard to type, so you can replace it with \u00A7 and it will work the same. To know how to tell the game what colour you want, go to the next section about what colours there are available</a >.

Colours to Pick From

The following table shows examples of what colour codes there are and what each colour looks like.

Colour Name: Format Indicator: Colour Example: Example Usage:
Black 0   \u00A70 This text will be black
Dark Blue 1   \u00A71 This text will be dark blue
Dark green 2   \u00A72 This text will be dark green
Dark aqua 3   \u00A73 This text will be dark aqua
Dark red 4   \u00A74 This text will be dark red
Dark purple 5   \u00A75 This text will be dark red
Gold 6   \u00A76 This text will be gold
Gray 7   \u00A77 This text will be gray
Dark Gray 8   \u00A78 This text will be dark gray
Blue 9   \u00A79 This text will be blue
Green a   §a This text will be green
Aqua b   §b This text will be aqua
Red c   §c This text will be red
Light Purple d   §d This text will be light purple
Yellow e   §e This text will be yellow
White f   §f This text will be white

Note: Colours will not reset themselves after using a colour or format code. You can use \ua00Ar to reset the font to default.
Reminder: § and \u00A7 are the same thing and can be swapped out without changing the meaning.

Further Reading & External Links

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