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How to use a whitelist on your Minecraft server

A whitelist is used to limit which players can join your Minecraft server.
This is ideal if you want to host a private server for just you and your friends or if you want your server to be invite only.


  1. Whitelisting Through Multicraft
  2. Whitelisting Through Game Chat
  3. Whitelist Commands
  4. Further Reading & External Links
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Whitelisting Through Multicraft

  1. Log into Multicraft and select your server.
  2. Click Server Configuration the left side menu.
    Edit Server Configuration
  3. Change the Whitelisting option to Enabled.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the list.
  5. Press the Back button in the left side menu until you are back at the main server page.
  6. Click Console in the left side menu.
  7. In the text entry box, type one of the commands in the Whitelist Commands section. Then press Send to send the command to the server.

Whitelisting Through Game Chat

  • If you are an OP on the server (See:How to OP a Player on your Server), then you can use the following commands in game.
  • To start typing a command simply press the / (forward slash) key.
  • This is required before a command otherwise it will send as a chat message in game instead of executing as intended.
  • Run the whitelist on command in the chat to enable the whitelist, from there you can add whoever you want to the whitelist and it will prevent people from joining who are not on the whitelist.
  • You can now manage the whitelist from the game itself using the commands listed in the: Whitelist Commands section

Whitelist Commands

If you are running these commands in the game chat, you must put a / (forward slash) before the command. Otherwise it will not work.

If you are running these commands in the Multicraft console tab, you enter them as you see in the below list.

  • whitelist on: Activates the whitelist.
  • whitelist off: Deactivates the whitelist.
  • whitelist reload: Tells the server to reload the whitelist, which makes changes from using the whitelist add and remove commands take effect.
  • whitelist list: Prints a list of all players currently able to access the server.
  • whitelist add <playername>: Replace <playername> with the players Minecraft username to add them to the whitelist.
    Note: After adding someone to the whitelist, you should run the whitelist reload command for your changes to take effect.
  • whitelist remove <playername>: Replace <playername> with the players Minecraft username to remove them from the whitelist.
  • If a player is removed from the whitelist while they are on the server, they will be disconnected.

Further Reading & External Links

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