Server is still starting! Please wait before reconnecting.

The Server is Still starting error message inside of Minecraft

If you see this screen when trying to join a server, it just means that the server is still starting up and loading the world.
Wait a minute or two and try to connect again. Remember that modded servers can take up to three minutes to load.

Modded Server Connection Problems

If the server you are trying to connect to is a modded server and you recently updated the modpack to a newer version, you may also receive the above message when trying to join. Make sure to check that the modpack version on your PC matches the modpack version on the server.

Sometimes a modpack will require a command to continue loading. If your server seems to have paused and is not starting;

  • Open your server console through your control panel
  • Type the command /fml confirm into the console and hit your enter key
  • Check that the server continues to load
  • You should only have to do this once unless you update your modpack

If you see a V and/or Old on your server connection screen, it indicates that the server is still starting but hasn't finished loading.

Modded Server still starting

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