Installing an ATL modpack server

It is possible to upload modpacks yourself without having to ask us. Here's a rough step by step guide to installing an ATL Modpack server. It assumes that you have already cleared out your server folder:

Part 1 : Download the server files on your computer

  • Open AT Launcher
  • Go to 'Packs' and find the modpack you want
  • Click 'Create Server'
  • Choose the version of the modpack you want, you may also be prompted to choose which optional mods you want
  • AT Launcher will now download the files and assemble the modpack server. You may have to manually download some mods manually, just follow the on-screen instructions

Part 2 : Zip up your modpack and upload it

  • In AT Launcher, click the 'Open Folder' button at the bottom
  • Go into servers, here you will see a folder for each server you have downloaded
  • Go into the folder for your chosen modpack
  • Select all the files and send them to a zip file, re-name that zip file to the name of the modpack
  • Upload that zip file to your server folder using FTP :

Part 3 : Un-pack the modpack

  • In the Multicraft Control Panel, go to Files>Backup>Restore
  • You should see your modpack zip file there, click on the 'Restore' link next to it
  • You will be asked if you really want to restore it
  • Use FTP to rename the Forge server jar file (or Cauldron or MCPC+) to whatever Multicraft is expecting to find such as:
    • Cauldron 1.6.4 "cauldron-1.6.4.jar"
    • Cauldron 1.7.2 "cauldron-1.7.2.jar"
    • Cauldron 1.7.10 "cauldron-1.7.10.jar"
    • Forge 1.6.4 "forge-1.6.4.jar"
    • Forge 1.7.2 "forge-1.7.2.jar"
    • Forge 1.7.10 "forge-1.7.10.jar"
    • Forge 1.8 "forge-1.8.jar"

Congratulations, you've installed an ATL modserver

Part 4 : Updating a modpack to a newer version

Same as above but first stop the server and use FTP to delete the following:

  • 'config' folder
  • 'mods' folder
  • 'scripts' folder

If you made any config changes in the previous version, you will have to redo them.

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