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VoidLauncher Not Working / Not Installing Correct Version

The VoidLauncher can often fail to update itself correctly and this will lead to it installing older versions of modpacks or failing to install them at all. If you suspect that the VoidLauncher has found itself in this state then a complete reinstall of the Launcher is probably your best option.


  1. Deleting the Current Launcher Config Data
  2. Downloading the Updated Launcher
  3. Starting the New Launcher
  4. Further Reading & External Links
  5. StickyPiston Support

Delete the VoidLauncher Config Files

Sometimes old config files will cause newer versions of the Launcher to malfunction. It's easier to delete them:

  1. Open VoidLauncher
  2. Click the cog icon at the very top right of the Launcher
  3. Make a note of the Modpack Installation Directory
  4. Close the Launcher
  5. Use Explorer/Finder to browse to the Modpack Installation Directory
  6. Delete the folder named VoidLauncher

Please note that this will remove your Minecraft login details from the launcher, so make sure you have them handy for later.

Download the Latest VoidLauncher

  2. Overwrite your old VoidLauncher with the file you downloaded

Run the New Launcher

  1. You will need to re-enter your Minecraft login details at the bottom
  2. Go to the Modpacks tab
  3. Find and click on the Modpack that you are playing
  4. Click on the Reinstall button

StickyPiston Support

Whether you own a server with StickyPiston or don't, we are always happy to help with any and all issues you may be having. Open a support ticket with our team and we will be in touch.

Open Support Ticket

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