Start a Voids Wrath Modpack with more RAM in VoidLauncher

The Voids Wrath VoidLauncher doesn’t assign enough RAM for some of it’s modpacks. This can result in client-side CPU lag that makes the game run slow and choppy.

To improve performance you can make the VoidLauncher start Minecraft with more RAM.

Setting the RAM in VoidLauncher

  1. Open the VoidLauncher
  2. At the top-right of the VoidLauncher, click the cog icon and choose Options

VoidLauncher Options

  1. In the Options screen, look at the Minecraft Options panel
  2. Untick the Let Java decide optimal values box
  3. Set the Max value to the amount of RAM you wan to use in the left-hand MB box. Use:
    • 2048MB for 2GB
    • 3072MB for 3GB
    • 4096MB for 4GB

VoidLauncher Minecraft Options

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